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Commercial Actuators

Commercial Actuators

The demand for commercial grade actuators, which are an integral part of electrically controlled systems, is rising exponentially over the years. To meet these huge requirements, we at Venture Manufacturing, offers the largest portfolio of commercial actuation and control products with proven features. Our range of commercial actuators is manufactured to offer controlled, limited movements or positioning in a multitude of applications across industries. We have the industry experience and customization capabilities to provide you with the most effective commercial grade actuator solutions that exceed the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Types of Commercial Actuators

Being a leading manufacturer of motion control solutions, we strive to meet the needs of each and every customer by providing several options to choose from. Explore the models of high power linear actuators and light duty actuators we offer under this category and choose the best that rightly suits your requirements.

VMD3-3Q Series Actuators
  • Quieter Version of the VMD3 Actuators
  • Long lifetime & Maintenance Free
VMD10  Linear Actuators
VMD10 Series Actuators
  • Limited Installation Space
  • Ideal for Desk Applications to Adjust the Height
VMD12 Series Actuators
VMD12 Series Actuators
  • Compact-Sized, In-line Actuators
  • Corrosion Resistance
VMD66 Series Actuators
VMD66 Series Actuators
  • Safety Nuts & Push-Only Nuts Options Available
  • Quiet, Powerful & Dependable
800 Acme Screw Actuators
800 Series Acme Screw Actuators
  • Ready to Install Linear Drive
  • Automation of High Load Processes
VFD series actuatorS
VFD Series Actuators
  • Trustworthy Operational Capacity
  • Light-Weight Actuators
VSJ series acme screw actuator
VSJ Series ACME Screw Actuators
  • Reliable Products
  • Self-Locking Feature
VI series actuator in ball screw or acme
VI Series Actuator in Acme or Ball Screw
  • Utilized for Many Applications
  • Available in Acme & Ballscrew
VMD series actuator
VMD Series Actuators
  • Compact & Lightweight Product
  • Ideal for Load Applications
custom actuator design
Custom Actuator Design
  • End Mounting Options Available
  • Various Motor Types
FD Series Linear Actuators
FD Series Linear Actuator
  • Trusted Manufacturer of Products
  • Various Stroke Sizes
Standard vmd3 Series Actuator
Standard vmd3 Series Actuator
  • High Speeds Applications
  • Built in limit switches, not movable
Potentiometer vmd3 Series Actuator
Potentiometer vmd3 Series Actuator
  • In Built Potentiometer
  • Compatible & Easy to Use
SJ 25 AC Actuator
SJ 25 AC Actuator
  • Standard Designed
  • Self-Locking Feature
SJ 35 AC Actuator
SJ 35 AC Actuator
  • Adjustable Limit Switches
  • Use for Many Applications
SJ 45 AC Actuator
SJ 45 AC Actuator
  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Precise & Reliable Applications
VID8-A Acme Actuator
VID8-A Acme Actuator
  • Trusted Manufacturer
  • Standard & Reliable Products
VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator
VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator
  • Easy to Install
  • Customized as Per Requirements
VIA5 Acme Series Linear Actuators
VIA5 Acme Series Linear Actuators
  • Solution for High Load Processes
  • Standard & Reliable Products
VIA5 Ball Screw Series Linear Actuator
VIA5 Ball Screw Series Linear Actuator
  • Products Operation Proficiency
  • Various Stroke Sizes
Hall Effect VMD3 series Actuator
Hall Effect VMD3 series Actuator
  • Used for Several Applications
  • Reliable & Cost Effective
1200 series commercial linear actuators
1200 Series Linear Actuator
  • Durable Construction & Dependable Performance
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Actuators

Features of Venture’s Commercial Grade Actuators

At Venture Manufacturing, we are committed to deliver solutions that bring greater value to our customers. With our range of innovatively designed commercial actuators, we not only aim to augment human comfort but also target to deliver maneuverability for a variety of applications. The actuators we offer here are known for their:

  • Durable construction
  • Optimal balance of performance, life and cost
  • Long-life operation
  • Consistent, repeatable performance
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Safe operation

Markets Served

Our range of commercial grade actuators is being utilized in all types of equipment/systems to automate activities, which were once done manually. Offering the advantages such as making jobs easier, providing remote control, and removing people from danger, our models of high power linear actuators and light duty actuators are largely chosen for motion control applications in the following markets:


Food Processing

We will continue to improve our products, processes and services and thus ensure that you have the best actuators for your application. With the choice of high-quality and optimized motion solutions, we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Have a talk with the experts at Venture Manufacturing, and see how the tedious manual jobs can be made easier with the incorporation of our right commercial actuators.

Industries Served