How Do Linear Actuators and Conveyors Share a Strong Bond?

Material handling industries require different objects to be moved from one place to another. For this purpose, conveyor systems are used, which make the movement of work pieces, and finished goods easier. These conveyors are manufactured for tailored needs. Linear actuator is one of the most vital components of a conveyor system. Thus, it is very important for these actuators to be capable of meeting these requirements and deliver decent performance.

A linear actuator – as the name suggests – is a device, which converts rotary motion into linear motion. Components such as wheel, screw, and axle or cam form the basic building blocks of a linear actuator. When the screw of the actuator is rotated, it is held in place by the nut. This helps produce a linear motion, which makes the screw of the actuator travel in a straight line. You can do this with or without the use of motor. When a motor is used to produce linear motion, the actuator is called electric linear actuator. On the other hand, when linear motion is produced without a motor, then it is referred to as a mechanical linear actuator. These actuators are widely used in almost every industrial process. They cover a vast span of application areas. One such major application of linear actuators is conveyor system. The conveyor belts make use of linear actuators for material handling requirements. This post will discuss in detail the use of linear actuator in the conveyors.

linear actuators in conveyor system

What are the Different Types of Linear Actuators used in Material Handling Industry?

The material handling industry makes use of different types of linear actuators. Some most commonly used actuators for material handling, or to be specific, conveyor systems are as follows:

  1. DC Actuators
  2. Commercial Actuators
  3. Electric Actuators (12V, 36V, and 90V)
  4. RV- Slide Out Actuators

Significance of Linear Actuators in Conveyor Systems

Linear actuators play an important role in the material handling industry. These devices are crucial in the proper operation of conveyor systems. Here is how these devices contribute to the functioning of conveyor systems:

  • In the packaging industry, the finished products are moved through conveyors. The conveyor system consists of linear actuators that are fixed in different positions, which makes these movements easy.
  • These actuators are widely used in food and beverage industry for a number of processes, including food separation, packaging, and bottling.
  • Apart from the above applications, these actuators find their importance in the rocket manufacturing industry as well. The electric linear actuators ensure proper clamping procedures.

All the information given in the post is the reason why linear actuators are so much important in conveyors and material handling industry. However, the quality of linear actuators is a factor that should not be left unaddressed. It is very important as the overall performance of a conveyor system is based on the quality of the actuator. To get the linear actuator of good quality, you must approach trusted, experienced, and well-known manufacturers or suppliers. Venture Mfg. Co. is one such experienced and trusted suppliers of linear actuators for conveyor system. The company stocks a wide variety of linear actuators with different capabilities and specifications.