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Conveying Industry
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Conveying Industry

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Reliable Electric Linear Actuators for Conveying Applications

The success of conveying applications depends a great deal on factors such as repeatability, accuracy, and responsiveness. Sophisticated motion control is required to ensure that conveyors can provide efficient movements. Venture Mfg. Co. provides motion control solutions with linear actuators for the conveying industry.

Types of Linear Actuators Offered for the Conveying Industry

We offer electric linear actuators to clients from the conveying industry. Electric actuators provide benefits of low costs, accurate control of torque, acceleration, and positioning. Depending on your application requirements, our engineers recommend the following actuators:

  • 12V Linear Actuator: These can be used as replacements for pneumatic actuators, which are generally used for conveying applications. The 12V actuators are known for their high load bearing capabilities. As the main power supply is electricity, customers need not spend on expensive fluid power sources. This leads to immense savings.

  • 36V Linear Actuator: This type is the optimum choice for a variety of methods utilized in conveying applications. These include automatic positioning, opening and closing, lifting and lowering, and tilting and pivoting processes.

  • 90V Linear Actuator: The 90V linear actuator is manufactured with high-grade materials. Aluminum housings, zinc plated tubes, and die cast aluminum power heads provide immense protection from contaminants such as dirt, dust, fungi, grease, and corrosion.

Applications of Linear Actuators in the Conveying Industry

Venture’s linear actuators can act as solutions for the following conveying applications.

  • In packaging applications, linear actuators are used in different positions to divert products boxes along the conveyor line.
  •  Linear actuators also provide support to food and beverage systems. The actuators are utilized in a variety of processes such as bottling, packaging, food separation, etc.
  • For assembly conveyor lines, linear actuators can be used to support processes such as slitting, cutting, and spraying.
  • Linear actuators can also be used for storage and retrieval applications in conveyor lines. They can support parts transfer and stacking processes.
  • Complete systems that are assisted by linear actuators include product handling, test stations, and camera positioning.

Venture Mfg. Co. provides electric linear actuators for conveying industry applications. Our products can provide solutions in terms of smooth movement, continuous performance, and reliability. 

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