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Conveying Industry

Motion Products for Conveying Industry

Precise and controlled linear motion is a key requirement in conveyance industries. This is achieved using linear actuators, especially electric linear actuators. These actuators facilitate positioning, movement, and sorting of items on the conveyor lines. They ensure consistent and smooth motion, while ensuring effective transportation of products and materials between the points. At Venture Manufacturing, we provide heavy duty electric actuators with large force capabilities, safety features, stroke lengths, and IP ratings to meet the challenging conveyance requirements in the material handling industry. Contact us today to learn how our industrial electric linear actuators can be an asset to your conveyance applications!

Industry Challenges and Requirements

  • Heavy Load Handling: Load management is an important aspect of the conveyance industry. Manufacturing, material handling, and logistics - all involve load handling. The actuators used in conveyors must produce sufficient force required to move the desired objects. An actuator may fail to perform or give rise to safety issues if it is used beyond its maximum load-bearing capacity. Ensure the actuators chosen can meet the required load capacity.
  • Speed and Precision: Many times fast and precise movements are necessary in applications where conveyance systems are used. Linear actuators must be able to respond quickly to requirements and interpret signals to ensure reliable functioning. Meeting the speed and precision requirements while ensuring safety can be quite challenging.
  • Durability and Reliability: Material handling equipment are subjected to challenging environments. The actuators must be robust enough to withstand these harsh environments and perform their usual best with minimal or zero downtimes.
  • Integration and Control: Conveyance systems may feature multiple actuators, sensors, controllers, and other components. These components must integrate seamlessly to ensure effective communication and control of the system. Hence, achieving proper synchronization of multiple actuators is essential.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many large-scale systems are used for conveyance across industries. These systems consume substantial amounts of power for operation. Linear actuators used in them can also be power-hungry, which would add to the consumption. Hence, actuators must be designed to ensure energy efficiency and high performance.
  • Safety and Emergency Situations: Workplace accidents are most common in the conveyance industry. Hence, organizations following OSHA guidelines are keen to implement various safety practices correctly, from using PPE to investing in equipment with high-end safety features. Linear actuators are an integral part of many conveyance systems, which is why they must be equipped with safety features, such as fail-safe mechanisms, emergency stops, and overload protection to prevent workplace accidents, and to ensure the safety of people and equipment.
  • Maintenance and System Downtime: Conveyor actuators are operated in challenging environments, and they may require regular service and maintenance to ensure their proper functioning. If the maintenance is not performed promptly, system downtimes may occur, leading to significant productivity losses. Hence, linear actuators must be designed for reduced maintenance and maximum uptime.

Our Solutions

Here are the solutions we offer considering the industry challenges and requirements.

  • Our electric linear actuators consume energy only when required, which makes them energy efficient and a perfect fit in power-hungry equipment.
  • They assure high accuracy, speed, and repeatability needed for conveying materials in manufacturing and warehouse environments.
  • Some actuators can be offered with IP67M/IP69K ratings, which assure their consistent performance in challenging work environments.
  • Our electric actuators support seamless integration for better motion control in highly automated material handling or conveyance equipment.
  • Some actuators are programmable, which helps ensure precision in motion and torque control in conveyor belts or material handling equipment.

Actuator Driven Conveyor Applications We Serve

At Venture Manufacturing, we regularly design and develop conveyor actuators for the following applications.

  • Merge and Divert Applications: Some manufacturing facilities feature multiple conveyor lines that merge and divert to different destinations. Electric linear actuators can be utilized for merging and diversion and ensure smooth and accurate transitions.
  • Indexing and Positioning Systems: Indexing and positioning is a key requirement in many manufacturing facilities, and these can be easily achieved using electric linear actuators. We design conveyor actuators to ensure accurate positioning along the conveyor line during downstream processes such as packaging, labeling, and so on.
  • Height-Adjustable Workstations: These workstations are a common feature in many manufacturing facilities. We provide industrial electrical linear actuators that allow operators to customize their workstations based on their requirements. This helps create a comfortable working environment that facilitates ergonomics.
  • Product Flipping and Orientation: Electric linear actuators are used in the conveyor industry to initiate product flipping and orientation. We develop heavy duty electric actuators for installation to the specific sections of the conveyor, such that the products can be easily flipped or rotated during inspection, testing, or packaging.
  • Diverter and Gate Control: Conveyor lines may have different diverters and control gates. Electric linear actuators help control these diverters or gates along the conveyors. These actuators enable reliable positioning of mechanisms for directing items to their intended destinations.

Want to explore how our electric actuators can transform the conveyance applications in your manufacturing facility? Contact us today. Our team is ready to answer your questions and assist you with the technical information needed to start a project.

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