VID8-A Acme Actuator
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VID8-A Acme Actuator


VID8-A Acme Actuator for Effortless Automation in Heavy Duty Applications

At Venture Mfg. Co., we are always looking at expanding our product line, in an effort to provide our customers with a complete range of actuator solutions. Recently, we have added two new actuator types to our product line. We are proud to say that Venture Mfg. Co. now offers VID8 Acme Actuators to industrial customers. In this page we shall be discussing the Acme VID8-A actuators.

Specialized Features and Benefits

VID8-A Acme Actuator Features

The VID8-A Acme Actuators are similar to our popular acme screw actuators. These are designed to provide automation solutions for high load processes. Like the screw actuators, these products are designed with a combination of Acme screws and DC motor gearboxes. This provides an efficient linear drive system, which adds to the actuator’s performance. We offer these actuators in two types –

  • Standard
  • Limit switches and potentiometers (POT)

Specifications of VID8-A Actuator

Standard VID8-A Acme Actuator
VID 8 Acme Screw Strock(+-5mm) 102mm 152mm 203mm 305mm 457mm 610mm
Retracted Length(A+-3mm) 260mm 311mm 362mm 464mm 691mm 844mm
Extended Length(B+-3mm) 362mm 464mm 566mm 770mm 1150mm 1456mm

VID8-A Acme Actuator With Limit Switch or Potentiometer (POT)
VID 8 ACME Actuator with limit Switch Strock(+-5mm) 102mm 152mm 203mm 305mm 457mm 610mm
Retracted Length(A+-3mm) 300mm 351mm 402mm 504mm 731mm 884mm
Extended Length(B+-3mm) 402mm 504mm 606mm 810mm 1190mm 1496mm
VID8-A Acme Actuator With Limit Switch

Industrial Applications

VID8-A Acme Actuators can be used in the following industrial applications:

Venture Mfg. Co.’s Acme Actuators provides tracking and movement solutions for heavy duty industrial applications. Contact us to place an order on our VID 8 ACME actuators, or to discuss your custom requirements.


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