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VMD10 Series Actuators

VMD10  Linear Actuators

Make & Model :

Input Voltage:
24V DC / 12V DC
Maximum Load :
1000N (push/pull)
Maximum Current :
5.4 A
Maximum Speed:
18 mm/s at no load
Stroke :
50~300 mm (other stroke available)
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At Venture Mfg. Co., we are always looking ways to broaden our product range. With this attitude, we have added a new actuator to our product line – VMD10. This actuator has a compact, yet powerful in-line design. The linear and compact design of this actuator, makes it ideal for use in different industrial applications such as industrial automation, rehabilitation applications, and other commercial applications. These actuators are designed for applications having limited installation space. The VMD10 actuators may also be used in different desk applications to adjust the height.

Specialized Features and Benefits

Compatibility of VMD10 Actuator

This series of actuator is compatible with the VT control box, and VCB3T control box which are compatible with handsets such as:

  • VHD
  • VHT
  • VH2N
  • VRF
  • VTX

Specifications of VMD10 Actuator

Following are the standard specifications of the VMD10 actuator series that we provide:

Input Voltage 24V DC / 12V DC
Maximum Load 1000N (push/pull)
Maximum Current 5.4 A
Maximum Speed 18 mm/s at no load
IP Protection Level IPX4
Color Black & Silver
Noise Level ≤ 65 dB
Duty Cycle 10% or 2 minutes on 18 minutes off
Stroke 50~300 mm (other stroke available)
Retracted length (A) C1x, C3x, CBx ? stroke + 256mm
C9x ? stroke + 282mm
CAx ? stroke + 265mm
Extended length (B) S+A

The actuator series has two design options available- spiral cable and straight cable. It is provided with preset limit switches. The two types of connectors that can be used with this actuator include - Round and Flat plug (2pin), and F type Din plug (4pin). You can select the right actuator from the VMD10 series, based on the following table:

Model No. Push Max.(N) Pull Max.(N) Speed (mm/s) Current (A)
No Load Full Load No Load Full Load
12V 24V 12V 24V
VMD10-XX-A4-16-XXX.XXX-CXX 1000 1000 8 6 4.2 3.1 5.4 3.8
VMD10-XX-A6-16-XXX.XXX-CXX 1000 1000 9 6.5 4.3 3.1 5.3 3.7
VMD10-XX-A8-16-XXX.XXX-CXX 800 800 13 7.5 4.2 3.1 5.2 3.6
VMD10-XX-AC-16-XXX.XXX-CXX 500 500 18 12 4.3 3.1 4.9 3.4

VMD10 Actuators Order Key

Venture Mfg Co is one of the leading manufacturers of linear actuators. With a vast experience of more than four decades, the company stands tall among manufacturers of linear actuators.We always look forward to developing a great bond with our customers and for that our team of professionals are always ready to help you determine the best actuator for your application.


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