Things to Consider to Maintain Performance of Slide-Out Actuators

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are becoming bigger and popular as they offer affordable and mobile lifestyle while being on road trips or outdoor adventures. Compared to the past, RVs epitomize freedom and travel by providing everything to make the journey as comfortable and carefree as possible. Today’s RVs hit the road with semi to fully automated features unlike the ones with small cabins built onto the back of regular vehicles. Now, with a press of a switch, the traveler can raise and lower tables, power the wheelchair wheels, adjust the satellite dish, and create retractable rear panels, among several others. These automated features are exciting, which contribute to the huge popularity of RV vehicles.
RV Slide-Out Actuators; the Backbone of RV’s Automation
So, when we say automation, we cannot ignore the role of linear actuators as they make this automation possible in RVs. RV slide-out actuators, which are basically the electric actuators programmable to create linear motion, make your RVs more functional with minimum efforts. Available in several force, load capabilities and other specifications, slide out systems are largely used in several RV applications that require motion control.A Few Application Examples
Let’s see a few more applications of electric linear actuators in RVs.

  • Adjusting the position of the recliners
  • Raising/lowering TV for viewing
  • Adjusting beds
  • Adjust the vehicle’s height by incorporating the system into RV levelling jacks
  • Creating expandable rooms and floor panels
  • Automating retractable power outlets and retractable rear panels

While RV slide outs can provide much needed automation to reduce all that extra time required to carry out daily operations, these motion control devises are also prone to damage or sudden breakage. Although today’s RV slide-out actuators offer more power than earlier versions, they are susceptible to motor failure, misalignment, and leaks. The failure of the actuator systems directly impact the functioning of the automated units, causing troubles to the traveler. Hence, it is advisable for the RV owner to have a basic knowledge when it comes to the regular maintenance and troubleshooting of slide out actuators.

For instance, when RV slide systems experience any kind of leak, the owner in the vehicle must be knowledgeable enough to provide immediate leak protection using the right seal. In other cases, when the actuator gets stuck and experiences problems in extending or retracting due to a blown fuse, bad wiring, or weak battery, the owner must instantly rectify the issue by performing the right troubleshooting steps. Thus, the user in the vehicle must keep an eye on the functioning of automated systems by checking for unusual noise and erratic movement on a regular basis.

Always Act According to the Manufacturers Instruction
As with any other mechanical systems, RV slide out actuators must also be incorporated in applications, maintained and serviced by strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturers must have listed everything in the user manual that lead to offering optimum performance even when they are put to operation in the toughest industrial applications. Moreover, for RV vehicle manufacturers, it is always important to procure the motion control systems from the leading names, who implement stringent quality control measures during the actuator production. Venture Manufacturing, Co. is one of the trusted 9001:2015 certified RV slide out actuator manufacturers, who bring you the best and high performing actuators that help automate the functioning of recreational vehicles. The company also offers a range of other products specifically for RVs including fifth wheel landing gear and RV slide out gears.