Shaping the Future of RV Travel: Evolutionary Trends in 5th Wheel Landing Gear Design

The RV travel industry is continuously evolving as manufacturers push the envelope of innovation to improve the traveler experience. Today, it is quite common to see RVs in different styles suited for large family trips or solo trips. 5th wheel trailers are one of them. They are a camping trailer pulled behind a truck. These

Revving Up the RV Experience: How Actuators Power the Modern RV Industry

The designs of recreational vehicles (RVs) have undergone remarkable transformation over the years. The integration of advanced technology and actuators in these vehicles has made lives easier for travelers. Although a lot has been written about the technological advancements of these vehicles, actuators are one of the most overlooked components. They are adding a layer

Effortless RV Setup with Electric Fifth Wheel Landing Gear

Setting up your RV efficiently and safely can be challenging. Manual lifts can be hard on your body and time consuming. You also risk costly damage to the RV’s frame if done incorrectly. Fifth wheel electric landing gears allow you to lift and level your RV effortlessly. Here are a few more benefits of electric

Process of Replacing DC Motor Gearbox on Fifth Wheel Landing Gear

Recreation vehicles often require a fifth wheel landing gear support service and re-adjustment. These gears are equipped with the DC motor. Therefore, they are sometimes referred as DC motor gearboxes. However, being electrically operated, these gears are sensitive to any type of damage. You may face DC motor failure at any time if the system

All Important Questions Answered on Linear Actuators: Part 1

Nowadays, linear actuators are used in the varieties of machinery. They have become one of the popular source of exploration for engineering and of course science enthusiasts, because of their functioning. These actuators make any appliance or object move forward by converting motion into linear motion. Most of us know the basic definition of linear

Linear Actuators to Automate the Functionalities of Recreational Vehicles

Linear actuators have several exciting benefits to offer when it comes to the automation of your recreational vehicle. You can exploit the benefits of actuators in several ways to automate the vehicles’ functionality the way you want, and enjoy the safety and comfort of a home while being on the road. This post discusses a

4 Most Important RV Landing Gear Accessories

RV or Recreational Vehicle landing gears are becoming increasingly popular every year, with the growing demand for RV. Most RVs require the 5th wheel landing gear to support and level adjustment. These gears are electrically operated, and are provided with extra-large footplates, which prevent the gear from sinking during the service work. Landing gears work