4 Most Important RV Landing Gear Accessories

RV or Recreational Vehicle landing gears are becoming increasingly popular every year, with the growing demand for RV. Most RVs require the 5th wheel landing gear to support and level adjustment. These gears are electrically operated, and are provided with extra-large footplates, which prevent the gear from sinking during the service work. Landing gears work well only if its accessories are of good quality. What are the different accessories of the 5th wheel landing gears? Read on the following post to get knowledge about different accessories that are important for the proper functioning of a landing gear.

Important RV Landing Gear Accessories

RV Landing Gear Accessories

Following are the most important accessories used in the 5th wheel landing gear for RVs:

  • Reduction Box: A reduction box is one of the most important accessories of landing gear. This box features a cast aluminum casing and has an exceptional gear ratio of 3:1. The reduction box can be used with manual as well as electrical systems. This box consists of heavy duty cast gears, which help deliver an optimal performance.
  • Cross Drive Tubes: Cross drive tube is a lift jack apparatus, which consists of jack units. These units are secured firmly to each corner of an RV. Each jack unit has a cross drive assembly, and a lift mechanism. The cross drive tube assembly is used for adjusting the height of the RV.
  • Mounting Brackets: These accessories play a very important role in supporting and securing the legs of a landing gear. Mounting brackets help secure the landing gear of a semi-trailer to its underframe. These brackets are highly adaptable to other associated accessories of the landing gear mechanism. Mounting brackets have an integral flange, which extends horizontally from its upper end to attach to the trailer underframe.
  • Rebuild Kit: As the name suggests, a rebuild kit is a set of all the accessories one needs for repairing a gear box. Today, these kits are being used increasingly used, and is standard for 5th wheel RV landing gears. The kit contains several essential tools such as shim washer, spirol pin, drive pin, drive shaft bushings, lead drive shaft, and E-clip.

These were just a few accessories that contribute to the optimal functioning of the 5th wheel RV landing gears. For more information on the topic, or in case of any queries related to the accessories of landing gear, you can always get in touch with the experts such as Venture Mfg Co., who will help in selecting the right set of landing gear accessories depending upon the application.