How are Electric Linear Actuators Important for Solar Tracker System

The threat of global warming is getting more and more serious every year, making the use of natural energy sources very crucial. Natural sources of energy, such as sun and wind are readily available. Electric linear actuators are designed to use these sources more efficiently. These solar tracking actuators can have multiple mounting options. To track the solar energy and make the most out of it, solar trackers are used. This helps improve the efficacy or productivity of solar power plants. What are solar trackers? How do they work? Why are linear actuators important in solar tracking systems? These questions are answered in this post. Read on to know.

Linear Actuators in solar tracker

What is a Solar Tracker?

As the name implies, a solar tracker are fitted with solar panels that are oriented towards the sun. Unlike a stationary solar panel mount, solar tracker, with the help of linear actuators, follows the sun throughout the day to capture as much energy as possible. This helps maximize the output.

What are the Advantages of Using Electric Actuator in a Solar Tracking System?

There are several advantages of using an electric actuator in a solar tracking system, some of which are as given below:

  • Space-friendly Design: The use of compact linear actuators in solar tracking system helps minimize the product footprint. This helps save a considerable amount of space, without compromising on the amount of electricity generated.
  • Low Maintenance: There have been exceptional advancements in actuation technology, which has helped reduce the maintenance problems of the electric linear actuators used in solar tracking systems. Also, solar trackers require lesser maintenance, which helps save on costs.
  • Precise Movements: Precise movement, which is relative to the input (solar rays) can be achieved with the help of linear actuators.
  • Generates More Electricity: The linear actuators help move the solar trackers in the direction of sun rays, thus providing maximum exposure. In addition to this, linear actuators help reduce the axial clearance, thus preventing even the slightest deviation in the system. This increases the efficiency and helps generate more electricity. Depending on where the tracking system is placed, a solar tracker has a capability to produce 10-25% more electricity than a fixed tilt system.
  • Great Yield, Great Income: Even in case of unfavorable environmental conditions, such as storm, rain, or dirt, the electric actuators help align solar tracker. This helps in getting maximum efficiency in all the climatic conditions. Therefore, it can make a significant difference to income from a large plant.

To wrap it up, linear actuators in solar panels play a vital role in the success of solar trackers. Linear actuators are generally used with adjustable end-of-stroke limit switches. This helps protect the solar panel from any potential damage that may be caused owing to over-travel in either direction. It goes without saying that condition and location of the site should be favorable for installing a solar tracker. Linear actuators for solar trackers can be availed from experienced players such as Venture Mfg Co. The company has a vast expertise in manufacturing solar tracking actuators.