Electric Actuators and Their Role in Heavy-duty Vehicles & Mobile Equipment

Electric actuator is a device, which converts applied electrical energy into mechanical torque. These actuators find their use in a vast variety of applications, such as heavy duty trucks, mobile equipment, and many more. They play a vital role in several applications, and are widely used to make the job easier. Electric actuators provide a smooth, accurate, and reliable movement in a number of heavy duty applications. For an actuator to function, it requires either human power, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure, or electric current or voltage. What role/s does an electric actuator play in different applications? To get answer to this question, please read the following post.
actuators for heavy duty vehicle

How Do Electric Actuators Help Mobile Equipment?

There are several ways in which an electric actuator helps mobile equipment work more efficiently, along with increasing their power density. There are a few more benefits of using these devices in mobile equipment industry. These benefits are:

  • Electric actuators operate quietly and offer less exposure to potentially high temperature and high pressure fluids. This helps improve the operator safety.
  • These actuators have a higher conversion efficiency and provide increased power density. Thus, electric actuators are capable of providing better energy efficiency as compared to the other technologies.
  • These devices eliminate the need for an additional equipment in hydraulic systems, by providing point-to-point connections between control devices and the electric actuators. The overall complexity of the system is reduced by this.
  • These actuators require less energy compared to that required by fluid-powered alternatives. This makes them more efficient than others.
  • The electric actuators reduce the production times, as well as the mean time required to repair.

What is the Significance of These Actuators in Heavy Duty Trucks?

Heavy duty vehicles such as trucks are required to work in extremely hostile and challenging environments for several hours. In addition to this, trucks are required to do job precisely and persistently, with no or very less maintenance. Furthermore, there are high demands in terms of fuel efficiency of the trucks, their aerodynamics, and safety. All this can be taken care of by electric actuators. There are several benefits that these actuators provide to heavy-duty vehicles. Here are a few of them:

  • Although they require very little or no maintenance, the electric actuators provide maximum uptime and have a long service life.
  • These actuators have a compact design, which facilitates easy installations, flexibility, and low costs in the heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Weak spots in the application, such as hoses and pumps are eliminated by installing electric actuators.
  • The actuators help improve the aerodynamics and reduce the overall weight of trucks. This aids in improving fuel efficiency of trucks.
  • Electric linear actuators consume less energy and there are no leaks of harmful hydraulic oils. Thus, these actuators are environment-friendly.
  • A number of truck applications are automated by the use of electric actuators. This provides increased comfort and truck safety.

This explains the importance of an electric actuator in different applications and have become the key component in most industrial applications.
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