How Linear Actuators Contribute in the Garage Door Automation?

Electric linear actuators, which are basically electro-mechanical devices, find immense applications everywhere. It is one of those invaluable components that makes automation possible, thus making our lives easier and smarter than before. One such application wherein electric linear actuators are employed largely is to automating the opening/closing action of the garage door. This post discusses

Choosing the Best Automatic Gate Opener for Your Driveway Gates

Every homeowner wants to choose only the best gate opener for opening and closing their driveway gates. There is a wide range of automatic gate openers and operators available in the market today. Every gate operator has different specifications, capabilities, and limitations. This may make the job of the homeowner difficult, as not everyone can

Features and Benefits of the G2M Microprocessor and Pre-Wire

In November 2014, Venture Mfg. Co. was awarded the role of authorized distributor for Byan Systems Inc. products. Today, Venture provides a complete line of gate operator products, as well as ancillary pre-wire products and industrial microprocessors. In this blog, we shall be discussing the G2M industrial microprocessor and pre-wire product. Industrial Grade G2M Microprocessor