Venture Mfg. Co. & Byan Systems Inc. Join Hands

Venture Mfg. Co. is proud to announce its alliance with Byan Systems Inc., the leading provider of high quality automated gate systems for 80 years. Venture Mfg. Co. is now a distributor of six models of Byan automated gate systems viz. 500 & 600 Operator, 800 & 900 Continuous Duty Operator, and 800 & 900 Long Continuous Duty Operator.

Distributor of byan system gate operator

Why Does Byan Systems Inc., Stand Apart?

The gate systems provided by Byan Systems Inc., are unparalleled. They are manufactured in keeping with the following specifications:

  1. Five-year warranty available on all gate systems.
  2. The components used are created using materials of the highest grades.
  3. The construction is superior. This ensures smooth functioning and longer service life.
  4. They provide solutions that can easily be integrated with almost all gate systems available.
  5. Use of hydraulic systems to lock the gate. This provides increased reliability and safety.
  6. The hydraulic liquid used is such that can easily adapt to high and low temperatures. This ensures seamless operation throughout the year.
  7. These systems are available in a variety of voltage outputs.
  8. It provides ease of operation. Hence, the cost of labor is reduced or nullified.
  9. Can be easily installed, uninstalled, and repaired.
  10. The speed of the gate can be customized according to the requirements.
  11. Since the operators in these systems are self-contained units, they are not easily polluted by water or dirt.
  12. The colors can be customized according to your color scheme to ensure that it blends in.

The after sale service of Byan Systems Inc., is unparalleled. They provide regular maintenance and technical support. They are known for providing quick delivery and installation as well. Being UL/CSA recognized, their parts are easily available ensuring that you don’t spend time, effort, and money on purchasing parts that are out of stock or custom manufacturing unavailable parts. Venture Mfg. Co. and Byan Systems Inc. together are committed to providing customers with outstanding products and services.

Many companies and individuals have come to rely on the product and services that Byan Systems Inc., has to offer.  Venture Mfg. Co. is now authorized distributor of byan system gate operator and the products are now available to a larger audience.