5 Ways Electric Linear Actuators Revolutionize Renewable Energy Systems

The renewable energy industry has witnessed massive positive change after the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris in 2015 and the COP26 Summit in Glasgow in November 2021. Countries across the globe have committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and increase reliance on clean and renewable energy systems. Consequently, the demand for renewable

Revving Up the RV Experience: How Actuators Power the Modern RV Industry

The designs of recreational vehicles (RVs) have undergone remarkable transformation over the years. The integration of advanced technology and actuators in these vehicles has made lives easier for travelers. Although a lot has been written about the technological advancements of these vehicles, actuators are one of the most overlooked components. They are adding a layer

How Electric Linear Actuators Drive Factory Automation?

Today, industries largely rely on automated processes for efficient manufacturing. Automated devices and equipment offer unmatched performance while minimizing dangerous assembly and industrial processes demanding human intervention. Electric linear actuators have played a crucial role in the functioning of these automated devices. They are responsible for moving, locating, and positioning mechanical systems, making the working

electric actuators in solar panel technology

Know the Significance of Electric Linear Actuators in Mobile Solar Equipment

Using renewable sources of energy is slowly becoming the new normal, and this is one of the right steps taken to ensure a clean and safe world. Most parts of the world receive abundant energy from the sun; however, it is not used optimally. Fortunately, with much emphasis being laid on using solar energy for

Role of Electric Linear Actuators in Power Windows

Home automation and digitalization in automobiles are gaining immense popularity as they help reduce human errors and efforts, thus increasing efficiency. From home security to climate control, and automobiles, the convenience of automation systems is unparalleled and unrivaled. However, home automation is highly dependent on several mechanical equipments used in the system. Mechanical components such

Know About Impact of Automation on Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the very first industries that have adopted automation as a tool for improvement. Automated agriculture is also referred to as smart farming. Implementation of automation in agriculture helps in improving farm efficiency and enhances the livestock production cycle. However, agricultural automation is highly dependent on the mechanical equipment used in the

A Brief Discussion on How Are Linear Actuators Used In Medical Applications

In every hospital, many special rooms are equipped with advanced machinery for diagnosis and improving patients’ health. Most of these advanced systems or machinery contains actuators inside that help improve patient care facilities, enhance the work efficiency of the medical field, alongside reduces the stress level of medical surgeon across the globe. From linear actuators

How to Calculate Linear Actuator Position?

Actuator is a device which facilitates motion or movement in industrial machines or equipment. This movement be linear or rotational. Actuators which facilitate linear or straight-line motion are called linear actuators. The accurate positioning of actuators and their movement are crucial aspects for the product or work piece to function correctly. The mounting position and

All Important Questions Answered on Linear Actuators Part 2

Linear actuators work well when it comes to material handling. However, they offer motion solutions that are required to get done the job. Due to this reason, they are extremely popular and widely used in various industrial applications. Well, in the previous post we have discussed the design principle of linear actuators and their types.

All Important Questions Answered on Linear Actuators: Part 1

Nowadays, linear actuators are used in the varieties of machinery. They have become one of the popular source of exploration for engineering and of course science enthusiasts, because of their functioning. These actuators make any appliance or object move forward by converting motion into linear motion. Most of us know the basic definition of linear

Advantages of Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Electro-mechanical actuators, which are driven by an electric motor, are growing in popularity in in factory automation, packaging, health care devices, and many other fields. With simpler, and easier to control features, they can offer a better solution for various applications demanding high stroke speed and high precision controlled linear motion. This multi-purpose electric linear

A Brief Introduction to Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Actuators

Are you planning to design an actuator-driven system? Perhaps, you will need the right actuator to support it. You can choose from pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators. All these actuators help control the movement of a device. Well, before starting with a breakdown of these actuators, firstly it is important to understand what linear actuators

Role of Electric Actuators in the Food Industry

Efficient food processing and packaging operations call for high-level robust technologies that are durable, precise, and safe for food. Various food industry procedures including cutting and slicing of raw materials and filling beverages, which need to be done systematically, and without any contamination. To fulfill today’s increasing demand, electrical actuators are used across food processing and packaging units to get the job done at a high speed and with maximum efficiency. Additionally, it is crucial that these actuators are constructed from materials which do not harbor bacterial growth. Isn’t it enough? No. Would you like to know why an electric actuator plays a vital role in food processing systems? Or what are the reasons to consider electric actuators for food and beverage applications? The post discusses the benefits and application areas of electric actuators.

Actuators for food industry

How to Wire a 12 volt Linear Actuator

Actuators are used in various machines and equipment to facilitate motion. Linear actuators enable motion in s straight line. A 12v linear actuator is the most basic and widely used type. As the name suggests, they operate with the help of a 12v DC electric supply. They can be operated with AC power supply as well. Are you intrigued to know how these linear actuators are wired? Read the post to know more.

12volt Linear Actuators

How Linear Actuators Contribute in the Garage Door Automation?

Electric linear actuators, which are basically electro-mechanical devices, find immense applications everywhere. It is one of those invaluable components that makes automation possible, thus making our lives easier and smarter than before. One such application wherein electric linear actuators are employed largely is to automating the opening/closing action of the garage door. This post discusses

How & Why Are Actuators Trending in the Military & Defense Industry?

Several technological advancements have triggered automation in almost every industry. Be it any industry, such as food and beverages, mining, agriculture, material handling, or semiconductor, automation? is seen almost everywhere. In every industry, the most important component in an automation system is an actuator, and the military and defense industry is not an exception to

Why Should You Prefer Linear Actuators for Wheelchairs?

Gone are the days wherein wheel chairs required an external support to manage the movements. Nowadays, the wheelchair user can himself control the chair all by himself, and adjust positions to suit his requirements. This is all possible due to the revolutionary invention of linear actuators that provide extreme flexibility to the user. With the actuator integrated wheelchair system, you won’t get tired sitting in the same position for a long time. Instead, you have options for raising, lowering, and reclining the seat, thereby giving the user with full motion control capabilities. This post discusses why wheel chairs driven by electric linear actuators are gaining popularity.

Actuators for Wheelchairs

4 Reasons that Substantiate the Use of Linear Actuators in Wheel Chairs

Owing to the impeccable performance capabilities, electric linear actuators are largely replacing pneumatic and hydraulic actuators in wheelchair assembly and other medical applications. Some medical devices powered by these actuators, include including operating room beds, dentist chairs, diagnostic systems (X-ray machines, MRI and CT scanners), and so on. What accounts for the immense popularity of these medical actuators? Read below to know more

Top 3 Significant Defense Vehicle Actuator Applications

In a battlefield, a soldier always uses an armored vehicle to target an enemy. He works with an assumption that the vehicle will work as expected. This assumption works only if the vehicle is equipped with an actuator. Over the years, the automated vehicles have improved in terms of ergonomics, speed, and security. This was

How are Electric Linear Actuators Helpful in Industrial Applications

Electric linear actuators are among the most useful inventions till date. These equipment have made so many jobs easy and efficient. These actuators are known for their wide range of applications in a variety of industries, which include military, agriculture, food, material handling, and many more. Their compatibility with so many industries make them versatile,

Key Considerations that Impact the Selection of Electric Liner Actuators

The invention of electric linear actuators has revolutionized the way we perform various tasks in our daily life. The works which were once done manually are now executed using automation machines, wherein linear actuators are the crucial component. Right from automatic windows and cupboards to heavy-duty conveyors and fork lifts, electric linear actuators play a

How Do Linear Actuators and Conveyors Share a Strong Bond?

Material handling industries require different objects to be moved from one place to another. For this purpose, conveyor systems are used, which make the movement of work pieces, and finished goods easier. These conveyors are manufactured for tailored needs. Linear actuator is one of the most vital components of a conveyor system. Thus, it is

How Electric Linear Actuators Improve Automation Results?

Linear actuators provide accurate motion control in diverse applications, such as test equipment, assembly machinery, medical equipment, etc. Electric linear actuators are one of the common linear actuators, which are known to provide highest precision-control positioning. They have an accuracy range of about +/- 0.000315, which makes them applicable in diverse industrial applications. Today, there

How Actuators are Playing Vital Role in Agriculture?

Today modern day farming has become quite a precision work. They are relying on various advanced technologies to improve their services. Hence, the demand for actuator driven devices in agricultural sector has increased. These actuators are designed to withstand rough weather conditions, environmental bumps and exposure to all sorts of fertilizers. This post discusses about

How are Electric Linear Actuators Important for Solar Tracker System

The threat of global warming is getting more and more serious every year, making the use of natural energy sources very crucial. Natural sources of energy, such as sun and wind are readily available. Electric linear actuators are designed to use these sources more efficiently. These solar tracking actuators can have multiple mounting options. To track the solar energy and make the most out of it, solar trackers are used. This helps improve the efficacy or productivity of solar power plants. What are solar trackers? How do they work? Why are linear actuators important in solar tracking systems? These questions are answered in this post. Read on to know.

Electric Actuators and Their Role in Heavy-duty Vehicles & Mobile Equipment

Electric actuator is a device, which converts applied electrical energy into mechanical torque. These actuators find their use in a vast variety of applications, such as heavy duty trucks, mobile equipment, and many more. They play a vital role in several applications, and are widely used to make the job easier. Electric actuators provide a smooth, accurate, and reliable movement in a number of heavy duty applications. For an actuator to function, it requires either human power, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure, or electric current or voltage. What role/s does an electric actuator play in different applications? To get answer to this question, please read the following post.
actuators for heavy duty vehicle

3 Ways in Which Actuator Driven Incubators and Stretchers are Changing Lives

Today healthcare facilities are compelled to focus on quality over quantity healthcare. They are relying on various advanced technologies improve their services. Hence, the demand for actuator driven electronic devices has increased. These devices add value to all kinds of hospital and healthcare equipment. Among various actuator driven medical devices, actuator-driven incubators and stretchers the

10 Steps to Use a Medical Electric Patient Lift with Actuators

Electric patient lifts are designed specifically to help patients or the elderly, who are unable to move from one place to another. This can be a short distance, such as from a bed to a chair, or a long distance, such as from one floor of a house to another. It can even be used

Advantages of Customized Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are devices that create straight, and linear motion. These actuators are used for controlling motion in complex electronic applications such as robotic control, lighting systems, and HVAC Systems. Venture Mfg. Co. designs custom linear actuators that meet specific application requirements of its industrial clients. You may think why you need customized linear actuators,

Electric Linear Actuators Help Manufacturing Industries to be Better and Faster

Automation plays a crucial role in manufacturing today. It helps create and maintain a high level of manufacturing quality, efficiency, and adds to the organization’s overall profitability. Electric linear actuators are becoming the new heroes for many manufacturing applications. They provide benefits of speed and accurate movements. They also allow for the elimination of ancillary

Why Choose Electric Actuators for Snow Grooming Drag?

Snow grooming is an important activity to ensure safe travelling in snowy areas, and promote tourism. Snow grooming is a tough job, as the groomers need to utilize grooming drags of various sizes to flatten the snow. To ensure that the job is completed in time, many groomers utilize ATVs or snow mobiles with grooming

Environmental Friendly Electric Actuators Provide Better Performance

Electric actuators help better the overall performance of your machine. This can have a positive effect on your entire system helping increase efficiency and drive up output. For higher levels of productivity, you can consider switching form pneumatic and hydraulic actuators to electric actuators. Today, electric actuators are designed to handle as much load as

Selection Procedures of 12V Linear Actuators

The 12V linear actuators are readily accessible in a wide range of specifications, making the selection process a daunting task. The availability of many manufacturers, models, and options makes the selection process even more confusing. This blog provides valuable information, helping you make an informed selection. How to Select Linear Actuators 12V linear actuators are

Why Choose Electric Actuation for the Oil and Gas Industry

There is a general assumption among customers that electric actuators cannot meet the demands of oil and gas applications. While they are considered useful for valve actuation applications, electric actuators are not considered appropriate for modular control. However, this perception is slowly being changed. Electric actuators are being designed and manufactured with features that surpass

Things to Know About 12v Linear Actuators

The numerous kinds of industrial applications require an equally wide range of technical and industrial equipment to meet the operational targets. A linear actuator is a kind of equipment that generates motion within a straight line, unlike an electric motor that produces circular motion. Here in this blog we would talk about 12v linear actuators