Benefits of Using Electric Actuators

An actuator that is used to provide motion for secondary equipment with the help of an electric motor is ideally called an electric actuator. Unlike other types, this actuator uses electricity as its source of energy. Most electric actuators operate by using a gear arrangement to extend or retract the actuation arm. In most cases, electric actuators are preferred over pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical actuators. The following points would describe the reasons behind it.

What are the Advantages of Using Electric Actuators?

When it comes to motion control application in different industrial sectors, engineers prefer electric actuators. Here’s why:

Simple design: Unlike hydraulic or pneumatic actuators, electric actuators come with simpler design and fewer spare parts that are easy to maintain and come with high reliability factor.

  1. Easy integration: It is much easier to integrate an electrical linear actuator than it is to integrate either a hydraulic or pneumatic solution. The former comes with microprocessors and programmable controllers that manage the operation of most modern industrial machinery.
  2. More precision: Electric actuators are known for providing higher level of precision in controlling the motion. This is because it enables the speed, torque and force to modify at different stages during the movement.
  3. Safer: Electric actuators are not susceptible to leakages or contamination like their counterparts. Therefore Electric Actuators are considered to be a safer, cleaner and more convenient option.
  4. Costs less: Electrical actuators prove to be more economical in the long run than their counterparts. They require less maintenance, are rugged and easy to operate and install, last longer and can be reliably used in different environmental conditions.
  5. Other benefits: With simple quick connect wires and cable, electric actuators can be easily assembled. In addition these are more compact with smaller footprint and operate quietly without making any annoying noise

Why Should you Choose Venture Electrical Actuators?

Electric Linear ActuatorOur series of smartly designed and superiorly constructed electric actuators can support motion in a straight line in different kinds of machine tools and industrial equipment. Our high-quality electric actuators can be easily and efficiently programmed to operate with desired outcome.

We, at Venture make sure that our customers are provided with electric actuators that are known for superior quality, smooth functioning, unmatched construction, high precision level, and repeatability. Keeping in mind our affinity towards excellent technological prowess, our engineers are capable of designing and manufacturing electric linear actuators for various industrial sectors. Our products successfully serve industries like agriculture, military, satellite, renewable energy, mining and metal plants, chemical, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and many more.