Comprehensive Electric Linear Actuator Guide: From Introduction to Selection Criteria

Electric linear actuators offer motion to industrial machines, automation equipment, robots, and more. They have evolved and advanced over the years in terms of their versatility, efficiency, precision, and reliability. These powerful yet compact devices transform electrical energy into controlled mechanical movement. This makes them applicable across industries such as robotics, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

Business Continuity Secured: Venture Mfg. Co. Supports Discontinued NOOK Compact Cylinder & Thomson PPA Actuators

Discontinuing product lines can be a significant challenge for manufacturers and their customers. Venture Mfg. has been manufacturing Linear Actuators for decades and has direct actuator replacement options for the NOOK “Compact Cylinder” linear actuators and Thomson PPA linear actuators. These actuators are extensively used for a variety of linear motion applications including – telecommunication,

Revving Up the RV Experience: How Actuators Power the Modern RV Industry

The designs of recreational vehicles (RVs) have undergone remarkable transformation over the years. The integration of advanced technology and actuators in these vehicles has made lives easier for travelers. Although a lot has been written about the technological advancements of these vehicles, actuators are one of the most overlooked components. They are adding a layer

How Electric Linear Actuators Drive Factory Automation?

Today, industries largely rely on automated processes for efficient manufacturing. Automated devices and equipment offer unmatched performance while minimizing dangerous assembly and industrial processes demanding human intervention. Electric linear actuators have played a crucial role in the functioning of these automated devices. They are responsible for moving, locating, and positioning mechanical systems, making the working

Advantages of Using Linear Actuators for Automated Packaging Applications

The packaging industry is fast-evolving and highly automated. Pneumatics and hydraulic-driven actuators have been used for automation in this industry for a long time. Nowadays, these actuators are being replaced by electric linear actuators, which bring several advantages in terms of performance and utility. Today, it is common to see linear actuators driven by electricity

Ball Screw Actuators Selection for Medical Applications: Must-Know Things

Linear motion is a vital part of many medical devices and laboratory equipment. It enables devices to move smoothly and accurately, which is essential for tasks such as diagnosing diseases, performing surgeries, and analyzing test results. There are many factors that must be considered when designing linear motion systems for medical devices and laboratory equipment.

Learn How to Choose the Right Power Supply for Your 12V DC Linear Actuator

Electric linear actuators have been an integral part of several industrial and commercial equipment and devices. These motion-driving components are powered by electricity. 12V linear actuators are one of the popular types of electric linear actuators used in different applications These actuators are powered by a 12V DC electric supply, thus the name. One of

Role of Electric Linear Actuators in Power Windows

Home automation and digitalization in automobiles are gaining immense popularity as they help reduce human errors and efforts, thus increasing efficiency. From home security to climate control, and automobiles, the convenience of automation systems is unparalleled and unrivaled. However, home automation is highly dependent on several mechanical equipments used in the system. Mechanical components such

Electric Linear Actuators for Relaxation Equipment Discussed in Brief

Smart relaxation equipment like lounge chairs, pedicure chairs, massage tables, leisure chairs, recliners, and treatment chairs have gained immense popularity in recent years. Many people suffer from fatigue, stress, back pain, weak muscles, and other musculoskeletal problems brought by their job and lifestyle choices. A relaxation equipment is designed to help people relax comfortably with

Solar Tracking Actuators: Why They Are In Demand?

Sustainability has become a priority in recent times. As a result, users are keen on replacing their fossil fuels with green energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, and so on. The solar energy has emerged one a popular alternatives for fossil fuels. It is a source of natural and ecologically clean source of energy.

A Brief Discussion on How Are Linear Actuators Used In Medical Applications

In every hospital, many special rooms are equipped with advanced machinery for diagnosis and improving patients’ health. Most of these advanced systems or machinery contains actuators inside that help improve patient care facilities, enhance the work efficiency of the medical field, alongside reduces the stress level of medical surgeon across the globe. From linear actuators

How to Calculate Linear Actuator Position?

Actuator is a device which facilitates motion or movement in industrial machines or equipment. This movement be linear or rotational. Actuators which facilitate linear or straight-line motion are called linear actuators. The accurate positioning of actuators and their movement are crucial aspects for the product or work piece to function correctly. The mounting position and

Know About the New Trends in Motion Control and Motion Control Technologies

Motion control devices such as linear actuators have been an integral part of several industries for a long time. Today, it is common to find different types of motorized linear actuators. As the name suggests, these devices are fitted with different types of electric motors, which makes them more productive, capable, and smarter than their

All Important Questions Answered on Linear Actuators Part 2

Linear actuators work well when it comes to material handling. However, they offer motion solutions that are required to get done the job. Due to this reason, they are extremely popular and widely used in various industrial applications. Well, in the previous post we have discussed the design principle of linear actuators and their types.

All Important Questions Answered on Linear Actuators: Part 1

Nowadays, linear actuators are used in the varieties of machinery. They have become one of the popular source of exploration for engineering and of course science enthusiasts, because of their functioning. These actuators make any appliance or object move forward by converting motion into linear motion. Most of us know the basic definition of linear

A Brief Introduction to Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Actuators

Are you planning to design an actuator-driven system? Perhaps, you will need the right actuator to support it. You can choose from pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators. All these actuators help control the movement of a device. Well, before starting with a breakdown of these actuators, firstly it is important to understand what linear actuators

How to Wire a 12 volt Linear Actuator

Actuators are used in various machines and equipment to facilitate motion. Linear actuators enable motion in s straight line. A 12v linear actuator is the most basic and widely used type. As the name suggests, they operate with the help of a 12v DC electric supply. They can be operated with AC power supply as well. Are you intrigued to know how these linear actuators are wired? Read the post to know more.

12volt Linear Actuators

How Linear Actuators Contribute in the Garage Door Automation?

Electric linear actuators, which are basically electro-mechanical devices, find immense applications everywhere. It is one of those invaluable components that makes automation possible, thus making our lives easier and smarter than before. One such application wherein electric linear actuators are employed largely is to automating the opening/closing action of the garage door. This post discusses

Learn How to Adjust the Limit Switches of Your Linear Actuator

Linear actuators are popularly used in a wide range of applications. Venture Mfg. Co is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of linear actuators. The main purpose of these devices to is to allow easy and effective movement of the movable parts of an equipment in a straight line. There are a number of parameters involved in the movement of an actuator, which decide working capability of the device.

Venture’s linear actuators consist of limit switches, which are used to control the stroke length of the device. To understand how to operate the limit switch settings, let us first understand what stroke length is. This will help you in understanding the limit switch adjustments effectively.

Limit Switches of Your Linear Actuator

Linear Actuators to Automate the Functionalities of Recreational Vehicles

Linear actuators have several exciting benefits to offer when it comes to the automation of your recreational vehicle. You can exploit the benefits of actuators in several ways to automate the vehicles’ functionality the way you want, and enjoy the safety and comfort of a home while being on the road. This post discusses a

Role of Actuators in Enabling Industrial Automation Functions

Today, industries rely on automated machinery/processes than other manual (mechanized) systems. Automation – a word originated from ancient Greek words of Auto (means self) Matos (means moving) – results in highly efficient manufacturing or production processes. Automated equipment offers superior performance, whilst helping to minimize dangerous assembly and industrial processes requiring human intervention. Actuators have

Why Should You Prefer Linear Actuators for Wheelchairs?

Gone are the days wherein wheel chairs required an external support to manage the movements. Nowadays, the wheelchair user can himself control the chair all by himself, and adjust positions to suit his requirements. This is all possible due to the revolutionary invention of linear actuators that provide extreme flexibility to the user. With the actuator integrated wheelchair system, you won’t get tired sitting in the same position for a long time. Instead, you have options for raising, lowering, and reclining the seat, thereby giving the user with full motion control capabilities. This post discusses why wheel chairs driven by electric linear actuators are gaining popularity.

Actuators for Wheelchairs

4 Reasons that Substantiate the Use of Linear Actuators in Wheel Chairs

Owing to the impeccable performance capabilities, electric linear actuators are largely replacing pneumatic and hydraulic actuators in wheelchair assembly and other medical applications. Some medical devices powered by these actuators, include including operating room beds, dentist chairs, diagnostic systems (X-ray machines, MRI and CT scanners), and so on. What accounts for the immense popularity of these medical actuators? Read below to know more

Remarkable Features and Benefits of Heavy Duty Linear Actuators

We all know that linear actuators are used to create motion in a straight line. These actuators are used in a number of industrial applications. Heavy duty linear actuators are special actuators that are designed particularly for use in applications that demand high power. What are heavy duty actuators? Are you interested in knowing more

How Do Linear Actuators and Conveyors Share a Strong Bond?

Material handling industries require different objects to be moved from one place to another. For this purpose, conveyor systems are used, which make the movement of work pieces, and finished goods easier. These conveyors are manufactured for tailored needs. Linear actuator is one of the most vital components of a conveyor system. Thus, it is

12 Volt Linear Actuators- What Makes Them So Popular?

Linear actuators are devices which convert rotational motion into linear motion. The linear actuator is connected to a DC motor. The motor rotates and initiates motion in an actuator, thus making push and pull movements. This makes DC linear actuators ideal for pushing, pulling, lifting, adjusting, or tilting different objects that are otherwise hard-to-reach. All

5 Ventilation and Farming Applications Using Linear Actuators

Farmers rely on a variety of farming equipment and advanced solutions to improve their profits from agriculture. These equipment allow them meet various agricultural challenges, as well as minimize their dependence on weather, and labor. Most of the modern-day agricultural equipment are designed to provide maximum comfort to users, and are actuator-driven. Linear actuators are

3 Ways in Which Actuator Driven Incubators and Stretchers are Changing Lives

Today healthcare facilities are compelled to focus on quality over quantity healthcare. They are relying on various advanced technologies improve their services. Hence, the demand for actuator driven electronic devices has increased. These devices add value to all kinds of hospital and healthcare equipment. Among various actuator driven medical devices, actuator-driven incubators and stretchers the

10 Steps to Use a Medical Electric Patient Lift with Actuators

Electric patient lifts are designed specifically to help patients or the elderly, who are unable to move from one place to another. This can be a short distance, such as from a bed to a chair, or a long distance, such as from one floor of a house to another. It can even be used

How to Protect Your Heavy Duty Linear Actuator in Application Environments

The application environment is one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a heavy duty linear actuator. In most environments, there will be certain contaminants present that can harm the actuator. For this reason, it is important that the actuator be designed to ensure protection from contamination. Heavy Duty Linear Actuator Contamination Prevention Solutions

5 Popular Medical Actuator Applications

In hospitals and other medical facilities, various types of systems and machinery are used for diagnosis and improving patients’ lives. Today, most of these systems and machinery are automated and equipped with actuators, which help enhance patient care facilities, improve work inefficiencies of a medical department, and reduces stress on medical professionals. This post highlights

Why Choose Electric Actuators for Snow Grooming Drag?

Snow grooming is an important activity to ensure safe travelling in snowy areas, and promote tourism. Snow grooming is a tough job, as the groomers need to utilize grooming drags of various sizes to flatten the snow. To ensure that the job is completed in time, many groomers utilize ATVs or snow mobiles with grooming

The Features and Benefits of Actuators for Treatment Chairs

Electric treatment chairs have become a necessity in hospitals, clinics, and even non-medical organizations like barber shops and spas. These chairs are designed to provide comfortable seating for the patient or customer. They also allow the nurses or doctors to perform treatment effectively, while saving time, energy, and resources. The success of treatment chairs is

Home Automation with Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are used in a variety of commercial, personal, and industrial applications. In a home, several appliances, furniture, and other functional and aesthetic features depend on linear actuators. Linear actuators used in homes provide convenience. They help reduce effort and increase productivity. Many appliances can be programmed to utilize the functioning of linear actuators

How Linear Actuators can Provide Solutions for Material Handling Applications

When it comes to material handling, linear actuators work mostly behind the scenes. However, they provide the motion solutions required to get the job done. Various types of linear actuators including electric, electro-mechanical, and electric rod actuators can be used to provide the right type of motion for material handling applications. Linear Actuator Solutions for

How You can Benefit from Venture Mfg. Services

Venture Mfg. Co. is well-known among clients for meeting different requirements in terms of actuator manufacturing. From mechanical and electromechanical actuators, to custom products, we have the capability to produce linear actuators for various industrial applications. Within the entire actuator design and manufacturing process, we provide different services to ensure that particular product demands are

Linear Actuators for Agriculture Industry – Achieving Precise Motion Control

The modern agricultural industry depends a great deal on small and large farming equipment. Many machines, such as corn detasselers, threshers, and fertilizer sprayers are automated to ensure that the farming process is performed and completed with precision. Linear actuators can support a variety of agricultural applications. They support agricultural equipment by providing precise motion

Designing Actuators for the Military Industry

Effective motion control actuation is a critical requirement for military applications. Linear actuators for the military industry need to perform under heavy loads for long periods of time. In terms of performance, the actuators should provide fast and efficient responses, smooth and accurate movements, while providing protection against environmental contaminants. They also need to provide

Safety Requirements for Linear Actuators – Venture Mfg. Co.

The accuracy of a linear actuator in an application is primarily based on its performance. These devices can only function properly when they are installed, utilized, and maintained properly. Improper use of a linear actuator can result in hindrances in actuator performance, danger to the human operator, and damage to actuators and other equipment. For

Linear Actuators for Physical Therapy Applications

When the topic of linear actuators is brought up, generally, one would think only of industrial applications. A few examples of these would be satellites, solar tracking systems, or military weaponry. However, these products are not limited to industrial operations. Linear actuators can provide a variety of benefits to commercial applications as well. Medicine and

How Actuators Adapt To the Changing Requirements of the Food Industry

Linear actuators used in the food industry need to be tough enough to handle the rigorous challenges of everyday functioning. They also need to be resilient to regular wash-downs including rigorous water sprays and harsh chemicals. Since all equipment used in the food industry need to adhere to hygiene norms, the actuators need to be

Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Linear Actuators

Preventive maintenance is extremely important for all your machines and components especially linear actuators. It helps reduce downtime associated with reactive maintenance. Due to lower productivity rates associated with downtime, most manufacturers consider reactive maintenance to be extremely expensive. Preventive maintenance is a win-win situation. Here, you can increase the productivity of components, check them

Enforcing Security with Q2MNB Light Industrial Microprocessor

The quality of the microprocessor used in a system will determine the quality of the product and its operational capability. Hence, it is vital to use products that are reliable and efficient. This is of special significance when dealing with security and safety, as seen in gates. All the products used in gates should be

4 Points of Consideration for Linear Actuators Used in Hospital Beds

Linear Actuators for the medical industry are used across several applications to provide precise movement. They are constructed sturdily to provide safe operation. Since, the components need to withstand prolonged or sudden movement, the construction should allow for such needs. The requirements of the medical industry in terms of automation are varied. Hence, the actuators

Positioning System Guide to Choosing the Correct Linear Actuator in 12 Steps – Part IV

  Traverse Speed The ball screws and bearings used in the linear actuator are the primary determinants of traverse speed and time. Typically, belt-driven linear actuators are faster than their ball screw, and linear bearing counterparts. Acceleration & Deceleration Rate In multi-positioning systems, acceleration by itself is not a crucial problem. The effect of acceleration

Positioning System Guide to Choose the Correct Linear Actuator in 12 Steps –Part III

  Multiple Centre of Gravity Positions The center of gravity of the load that is moved keeps changing as it moves across the axes. For every position, the center of gravity with respect to the datum (home) point on the different axes needs to be calculated. As the load/ object travels across the system in

Positioning System Guide to Choosing the Correct Linear Actuator in 12 Steps – Part II

Guide to Choosing the Correct Linear Actuator The steps below will help you in choosing the correct linear actuator for single or multi-axis positioning systems: Application Arrangement & Outline This is a primary step that will dictate the outcome of the process, and outline the steps that follow. Here, you will have to decide on

Positioning System Guide to Choosing the Correct Linear Actuator in 12 Steps -Part I

Choosing the right linear actuator for single or multi-axis positioning systems can be difficult for most engineers and designers. Although, rotary actuators might seem like the simpler choice in terms of design and integration, it generally is not. Rotary Actuators vs. Linear Actuators If traditional systems of motion control like rotary actuators are used in

Positioning System Guide to Choosing the Correct Linear Actuator in 12 Steps

Choosing the right linear actuator for single or multi-axis positioning systems can be difficult for most engineers and designers. Although, rotary actuators might seem like the simpler choice in terms of design and integration, it generally is not. Rotary Actuators vs. Linear Actuators If traditional systems of motion control like rotary actuators are used in

Venture Mfg. Co. – Leader in Linear Motion Technology Since 1971

Venture Mfg. Co. has been the leader in motion technology since 1971. Their ability to push the boundaries in the field of motion technology has allowed them to create precise functioning products with long-lasting results. Venture Mfg. Co. Linear Actuator Design With manufacturing facilities spread across 50,000 sq. ft. Combined with a team dedicated towards

OEM Capabilities at Venture Mfg. Co.

Venture Mfg. Co. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of linear actuator products. Their proprietary solutions for motion control ensure excellent performance and long-lasting operation. They offer high-precision equipment designed to enable multiple industries improve performance and increase productivity of applications. OEM Capabilities at Venture Mfg. Co. The facilitation of manufacturing processes has allowed Venture

What Are The Different Power Sources of Heavy-Duty Actuators?

Actuators are now available in several designs with the ability to manage heavy-duty applications. Their functioning is not restricted to their design. With innovations in this field, heavy duty actuators are being designed in a compact fashion with higher efficiencies and performance capabilities. Power Usage of Heavy-Duty Actuators Heavy-duty actuators utilize several power sources depending

Tips to Follow When Designing a Linear Actuator Prototype

When placing an order of custom linear actuators, it is important to create a prototype first in order to fully understand its capabilities. The following points should be taken into consideration when designing a linear actuator prototype:

  • The prototype should also help you ascertain its efficiency and compatibility when in use. This can be done by testing the prototype a number of times. The tests will ensure its compatibility with different products and machines.

  • Before placing an order, you need to ensure that the prototype is being created with attention given to the size of the actuator and the type of external power source it will utilize.

  • With reference to the external power source, you can choose from electric, gear, DC, or stepper motor. Due importance should also be given to the application.

How Does a Linear Actuator Works?

As a crucial area of science, mechanical energy is making its presence felt through varied industrial applications every day. Linear actuators have become source of exploration for science and engineering enthusiasts, mostly because of their versatile ways of functioning. Linear actuators are industrial devices that generate mechanical motion in a straight line by converting energy