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Know the Significance of Electric Linear Actuators in Mobile Solar Equipment

Using renewable sources of energy is slowly becoming the new normal, and this is one of the right steps taken to ensure a clean and safe world. Most parts of the world receive abundant energy from the sun; however, it is not used optimally. Fortunately, with much emphasis being laid on using solar energy for

Advantages of Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Electro-mechanical actuators, which are driven by an electric motor, are growing in popularity in in factory automation, packaging, health care devices, and many other fields. With simpler, and easier to control features, they can offer a better solution for various applications demanding high stroke speed and high precision controlled linear motion. This multi-purpose electric linear

A Brief Introduction to Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Actuators

Are you planning to design an actuator-driven system? Perhaps, you will need the right actuator to support it. You can choose from pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators. All these actuators help control the movement of a device. Well, before starting with a breakdown of these actuators, firstly it is important to understand what linear actuators

Role of Electric Actuators in the Food Industry

Efficient food processing and packaging operations call for high-level robust technologies that are durable, precise, and safe for food. Various food industry procedures including cutting and slicing of raw materials and filling beverages, which need to be done systematically, and without any contamination. To fulfill today’s increasing demand, electrical actuators are used across food processing and packaging units to get the job done at a high speed and with maximum efficiency. Additionally, it is crucial that these actuators are constructed from materials which do not harbor bacterial growth. Isn’t it enough? No. Would you like to know why an electric actuator plays a vital role in food processing systems? Or what are the reasons to consider electric actuators for food and beverage applications? The post discusses the benefits and application areas of electric actuators.

Actuators for food industry

Why Choose Electric Actuators for Snow Grooming Drag?

Snow grooming is an important activity to ensure safe travelling in snowy areas, and promote tourism. Snow grooming is a tough job, as the groomers need to utilize grooming drags of various sizes to flatten the snow. To ensure that the job is completed in time, many groomers utilize ATVs or snow mobiles with grooming

Environmental Friendly Electric Actuators Provide Better Performance

Electric actuators help better the overall performance of your machine. This can have a positive effect on your entire system helping increase efficiency and drive up output. For higher levels of productivity, you can consider switching form pneumatic and hydraulic actuators to electric actuators. Today, electric actuators are designed to handle as much load as

Why Choose Electric Actuation for the Oil and Gas Industry

There is a general assumption among customers that electric actuators cannot meet the demands of oil and gas applications. While they are considered useful for valve actuation applications, electric actuators are not considered appropriate for modular control. However, this perception is slowly being changed. Electric actuators are being designed and manufactured with features that surpass