Environmental Friendly Electric Actuators Provide Better Performance

Electric actuators help better the overall performance of your machine. This can have a positive effect on your entire system helping increase efficiency and drive up output. For higher levels of productivity, you can consider switching form pneumatic and hydraulic actuators to electric actuators. Today, electric actuators are designed to handle as much load as their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts. Hence, if you are looking to switch, you need not worry about the power capabilities of electric actuators.

EnvoFriendly Electric Actuators Provide Better Performance

4 Reasons to Opt for Electric Actuators

It’s a proven fact that electric actuators can be extremely efficient. These actuators can help in cutting down costs and increasing output and profit. Here’s how:

  • Increased Efficiency

Electric actuators consist of fewer components compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. This means that the level of power draw is lower during the functioning of an electric actuator. This leads to lower consumption of energy and increased efficiency.

  • Reduced Downtime & Maintenance

Due to the lower number of components, the cost and time of maintenance decreases as well. With fewer parts used, the frequency and time taken for maintenance is reduced. This in turn reduces cost and down time.

  • Increased Reliability

Many times, when you have a machine with many parts, the number of things that could go wrong with the machine and the various parts is extremely high. Hence, the risk of part failure is greatly reduced with reduction in the number of parts used. This makes electric actuators more reliable.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Electric actuators don’t require oil for their normal functioning. The gears used in the actuators are lubricated in a manner that it lasts for the entire life cycle of the actuator. On the other hand, hydraulic actuators require regular lubrication. This makes environmentally friendly electric actuators .

All the different types of actuators offer their own advantages. However, electric actuators offer several advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. To help your business grow, invest in electric actuators that are more efficient. These ‘green’ machines can help in reducing costs and furthering your business.