5 Reasons You Need an Electric Gate

In recent times, more and more people are opting for electric gate actuators in place of regular gates at their homes. Some people even prefer to integrate these electric gate motors with their current gates instead of buying a new system. This helps in reducing the overall cost. It is also a much smaller commitment than designing a new electric gate as the motors can be removed should the user not enjoy the functionality.gate-actuators2

5 Reasons to Opt for an Electric Gate

There are several arguments in favor of and against automating your gates using electric gate actuators. Here are five reasons in favor of gate automation:

  1.  There is no doubt that these gates offer more security than their manual counterparts do.
  2. Generally, automated gates are more aesthetically appealing as well.
  3.  With integration of GSM kits, you can operate the gate remotely from your phone.
  4. Convenience is an important factor for installing electric gate actuators.
  5.  Adding an extra level of security is easier when using automated gates.

2 Main Types of Electric Gate Operators

The functioning of different types of electric motors varies. Hence, it is important to choose one that works in accordance with your expectations. Below are two examples of gate operators and their functioning:

1. Above Ground Gate Operators

These gate motors are installed on pillars or in tracks, in plain view. They are used to slide the gates open.

2. Underground Gate Operators

The venture gate actuators of these operators are placed underneath the driveway. The actuator motor causes the gate to open at a 90-degree angle.

Gate Operators

Defining your basic expectations including your lifestyle will enable you to choose the right gate actuator. You must also take into consideration the driveway and other supporting features that will influence the performance of your gate.

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