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The ISO Certified Company

Venture Mfg. Co. is a 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of actuators of various types. This certification is basically a stamp of quality. This helps us improve the quality of products and services that we provide. Thus, the overall efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization increases. Read more

Prompt Tech Support

We provide a prompt technical support in the form of maintenance, repair, and replacement. We have a team of experts, who is trained to serve you in the best possible way, and have answer to your every question. Know more about our tech support services. Read more

Manufacturers of Original Equipment

We are the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of different types of actuators in the US. We are also known to manufacture electric linear actuators, which are capable of delivering energy-efficient, and quiet performance in the applications that they are used in. The actuators are used in a vast variety of applications, such as food processing equipment, hospital beds, dentistry chairs, satellite receiving systems, and much more. Also, we can provide reversible voltage polarity, and customized stroke lengths for ease of use of the actuators. Thus, we have become no.1 linear actuator manufacturer in the US. Our huge experience of 4 decades have made us the industry experts. Read more

Serving Clients across Various Industries

The actuators that we manufacture deliver maneuverability for a variety of applications. Our actuators are used in a wide range of industries to serve the most critical applications. The industries that we serve include military, food, mobile equipment, material handling, transportation, medical and healthcare, and much more. RV & 5th wheel landing gear is one of the most popular and the best-seller products available at our store. The RV & 5th gear landing gear of utmost importance in military airplanes and helicopters. Read more