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Linear Actuators for Mobility Product Industry

Motion Product for Mobility Industry

Linear Actuators for Linear Mobility

In the healthcare industry, freedom of movement and accessibility is important. Linear actuators help control the mobility in medical equipment and devices, such as ergonomic patient lifts to adjustable hospital beds and wheelchairs to robotic-assisted surgical tools. These actuators help improving operational efficiency, optimizing procedures, and enhancing patient care. At Venture Manufacturing, we specialize in designing and manufacturing linear actuators for linear mobility. Our actuators ensure precision movements, stability, possess high load-bearing capacities, and seamless integration in medical equipment and devices. Contact us today, if you want to know how our linear actuators have been an asset to linear mobility devices and equipment used by patients worldwide.

Industry Challenges and Requirements

Electric actuators are designed to provide numerous benefits to industrial applications:

  • Precision and Accuracy: Linear mobility equipment used in the healthcare industry demand accurate and precise linear movement. These actuators must offer the highest levels of positional accuracy and repeatability to enable safe medical intervention.
  • Reliability and Durability: Many linear mobility equipment used in the healthcare industry are exposed to challenging environments. For instance, wheelchairs are used in challenging environments. Linear actuators to be used in linear mobility equipment must be able to withstand long term use without jeopardizing the patient care.
  • Patient Safety and Comfort: Linear mobility equipment in the healthcare sector such as patient lifts and adjustable beds demand patient safety and comfort. Linear actuators must be designed such that they provide controlled and smooth movements, without jarring movement of equipment.
  • Noise Control: Many patients and medical staff may get irritated due to excessive noise and vibration. Linear actuators must be designed for noise control and minimal vibration in hospital and home environments.
  • Sterilization and Hygiene: Although linear mobility equipment used in healthcare facilities are designed for lasting performance, they require regular sterilization to meet the stringent hygiene standards set by the FDA. Linear actuators must be designed such they meet these standards effortlessly.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The healthcare industry is highly regulated to ensure patient’s safety and wellbeing. Linear actuators must be designed to meet these stringent requirements.

Our Solutions

  • Our electric linear actuators offer controlled and accurate linear motion, ensuring patient positioning, precision in medical procedures, and quick equipment adjustments.
  • Be it linear actuator for lifts or linear actuators for any other linear mobility equipment, they stand out with their robust construction. These actuators also have lesser moving parts than their hydraulic counterparts, which makes them virtually maintenance free and minimize the operating costs.
  • Electric actuators produce very little noise and vibration, which creates a comfortable environment for medical staff and patients in surgical suits and patient rooms.
  • Our advanced electric linear actuators enable users to create custom motion profiles to meet the mobility demands of their medical equipment and patients.
  • Electric linear actuators provided by us meet the regulatory compliance and can withstand the sterilization requirements of the applications.
  • They are equipped with many patient safety features like emergency stop mechanisms, overload protection, and so on.
  • These electric linear actuators enable seamless integration with medical equipment and other electronic records due to their compatibility with electronic control systems.
  • Our linear actuators have long lifespans and ensure consistent performance over long periods of time. This helps reduce replacement and minimize downtimes.

Actuator Driven Linear Mobility Applications We Serve

We can design linear actuators for the following linear mobility applications.

  • Adjustable Hospital Beds: Electric linear actuators are used to adjust the height of footrest, headrest, and backrest of beds in hospitals. This helps improve the patient comfort, and offers easy access to caregivers.
  • Surgical Tables: Electric actuators can help adjust the movement of surgical tables during the surgical procedures to suit the comfort of patients and doctors.
  • Rehabilitation and Patient Mobility Equipment: Nowadays, hospitals and healthcare facilities are using motorized wheelchairs, lift assist devices, standing frames, and stair assist devices to help patients injured in accidents or facing health issues to navigate in their surroundings easily. Electric linear actuators facilitate the motion of these devices.
  • Dental Chairs: Electric actuators help adjust the chair to the patient’s comfort during dental procedures.
  • Patient Lifts: Electric actuators facilitate the lifting, as well as lowering of patients when assessing baths, wheelchairs, and beds. The actuation systems reduce injuries or risk of strain in patients and caregivers.
  • Radiation Therapy Tables: Electric linear actuators are used to lower or adjust the radiation therapy tables during the treatment to targeted areas.
  • Physiotherapy Equipment: Exercise devices and treatment tables used in physiotherapy clinics are equipped with linear actuators. They aid in therapeutic exercises and patient rehabilitation.

Do you need custom linear actuators for linear mobility applications? Contact the team at Venture Manufacturing today to discuss your requirements. The experts at the company will work closely with you to design and develop linear actuators that enhance user’s comfort and make their lives and their caregivers lives easier.

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