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Solution Driven Custom Actuator Designs

Custom design motion solutions are an essential requirement in today’s ever expanding market. We at Venture Mfg. Co. understand the benefits a custom linear actuator can provide in terms of easy machine integration, space savings, and reduction in overall assembly time. These are some among many reasons why we design custom actuators that can provide application solutions to industrial customers.

Custom Actuator Design Process

At Venture, we utilize our vast knowledge and experience base to design and manufacture custom actuators. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility comprises the latest actuator design and manufacturing equipment. We also have over 5,000 sq. ft. of space within the facility dedicated to product designing.

Our process begins by getting a clear idea of your application and its requirements. We then provide you a complete understanding of all the standard products that we have. This allows customers to choose a variation of a standard product. Basic information about the standard product list also gives you a clear idea of the various benefits each product provides. This will help you to choose to combine various features to create a custom actuator.

We also have the capabilities to create a design from scratch. Our engineers suggest solution driven features that can be added to the design so that the actuator will meet your requirements in the application.

Specialized Features and Benefits

A look at the basic options that we at Venture provide will give an idea of some of the capabilities that we offer you in terms of custom actuators.

  • Strokes: 2″ to 72″
  • Motor types: 110vac, 220vac, PMDC, and DC stepper
  • Various ratios available in gear drive, worm drive and belt drive
  • Feedback: Reed, Hall Effect, Potentiometer, and encoder
  • Most available with limit switches, clutches, or both
  • Various tube and end mounting options available

Whatever your custom requirements may be, Venture Mfg. Co. can provide you with an exemplary product solution


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