The Mini T Standard Duty Satellite Actuators
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The Mini T Standard Duty Satellite Actuators

Mini T Standard Satellite Actuators

A reliable, cost effective import produced specifically for Venture utilizing our precision SSII sensor. Great for positioning smaller lightweight dishes.

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Operating satellite’ platforms and payload devices demand precision engineered miniature electric linear actuator units that are made to withstand hostile environment. At Venture Manufacturing, you get the right type of satellite actuators that meet the kind of performance and reliability you have been looking for. Our range of Mini T Standard Duty satellite actuators are known for high external load capability and long life performance. Manufactured specifically using precision SSII sensor, this mini T actuator jack type from Venture Manufacturing is ideal for smaller lightweight dishes positioning, antenna deployment, antenna pointing, solar array deployment, electric propulsion pointing, among others. Our 18 inch Mini T Actuators are highly regarded by renowned customers from the space industry worldwide.

Typical Features of Mini T Standard Duty Satellite Actuators

The mini electric actuator is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, vacuum, outgassing, radiations and other such challenges. These user-friendly and easy-to-install satellite linear actuators feature:

  • Rugged steel tube construction
  • Standard stroke 18 "
  • 30% duty cycle motor rating
  • 500 lb. capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Powder coated outer tubes for superior corrosion protection
  • End mount design with swivel and built in standoffs for ½" bolt mounting
  • Easy to adjust clamp assembly for ½" bolt mounting
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Water drains and vents throughout for freeze protection
  • KU or C band compatible
  • 36/24vdc motor
  • Super Sensor II Reed Switch 48 PPI
  • Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware
  • Excellent water proofing
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Long life Acme screw

Application Examples

Many advantages of 18" Mini T Actuator Jack such as easy installation, superb load holding power and minimal maintenance, among others, make them widely preferred for mission critical applications in satellites and related domains. These types of miniature actuator units find immense applications in the following:

  • Point ahead angle mechanisms
  • Laser control mechanisms
  • Scanning mechanism
  • Hold-down and release mechanisms

At Venture Manufacturing, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing “best-in-class” miniature electric linear actuator units that are produced using quality components from ISO registered key suppliers. Our engineers and design specialists work closely with our customers to get a good understanding of their specific requirements. What’s more! You can approach us with your custom orders as well. We have all-inclusive manufacturing facilities coupled with proficient engineers capable of fabricating custom mini standard duty actuators as per the given specifications.

If you would like to know more about the technical capabilities we own in miniature electric actuator manufacturing, get connected with the team Venture at the earliest. Your queries are answered instantly by the experts in the field.


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