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Stepper Motor Actuator

Stepper Motor Actuator

Linear Stepper Motor Actuator and Brushless DC Motors 

Stepper motor actuator and brushless DC motors are available as a motor option on certain actuator models that Venture offers. These motors offer a superior level of controllability necessary in many of today’s most demanding applications. All of the actuator models shown below are available with the option of a DC stepper motor actuator or a brushless DC motor.

Over the last few years, Venture has also been responsive in meeting the needs of the renewable energy sector by offering Solar Tracking actuators . We offer an Acme Screw Solar actuator as well as a Ball Screw Solar Actuator to enable precise positioning of solar panels and harness the maximum potential of sunlight. In the last few years, our actuators have been widely used in medium and large-scale solar parks.

For more information about our stepper motor linear actuator and brushless DC motors, please click on the products below.

Linear Actuator Stepper Motor Driven Products :

Maxi Ball Screw Actuators
850 Series DC Actuators
  • Suitable for Havious Dishes
  • High Performance Products

This is a ball screw version of the “Maxi” for those with heavier dishes or for those who just prefer a Cadillac vs. a Chevy this unit will provide years of reliable service.

Satellite ACME Screw Actuators
Satellite Maxi Actuators
  • Trusted Manufacturer
  • Easy to Install Design

The Venture “Maxi” is an acme screw actuator that has been the staple of the Home Satellite TVRO Industry for years. With well over 1 million produced we still provide the industry with these reliable actuators for service and new installation needs.

custom actuator design
Custom Actuators
  • End Mounting option
  • Various Stroke Sizes

Don’t see anything that fits your application ? Contact Us, many of our products can be modified to suit your needs. Or we can design something special just for your application.

800 Acme Screw Actuators
800 Series Acme Screw Actuators
  • High Load Processes
  • Efficient Linear Drive System

Venture’s very versatile 800 Series Acme Screw actuators combine an Acme screw with a DC motor gearbox providing a rugged and reliable ready to install linear drive system. Suitable for many industrial applications, such as; Solar Tracking, Ventilation, Commercial Satellite tracking, Agricultural, Medical, ATV, Lawn and Garden and many more.

actuators specially design for solar tracking applications
Actuators for Solar Tracking
  • Customize Products
  • High Performance

850 Series Ball Screw Actuator
850 Series Ball Screw Actuator
  • Lifetime Lubrication
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use
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