Manufactured Housing
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Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housing

Being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company , we at Venture Manufacturing guarantee providing utmost quality in every linear motion products and accessories. This is of no difference when it comes to the manufacturing of protective housing for coupler & jack unit, heavy and standard duty jacks, high capacity coupler units, among others. Acclaimed for robustness, durability, functionality and long service life, the manufactured housing, we offer at Venture provides your coupler and jack units with ultimate protection in harsh environments.

Coupler and Jack Unit Actuators
Coupler & Jack Unit
  • Available 50-deg & 60-deg Units
  • Increased Frame Height Applications
Heavy and Standard Duty Jacks
Heavy and Standard Duty Jacks
  • Self-Locking System
  • Mobile Transfer Station
Hi Capacity Coupler
High Capacity Coupler
  • 100% American Made
  • Cost Effective Prices
Custom Actuator Designs
Custom Design
  • Customized Products as Per Needs
  • Various Ratios Available

Features of Manufactured Housing for Coupler and Jack Units

At Venture Manufacturing, we own immense expertise in the production of manufactured housing that is customized in par with the specification of the heavy and standard duty jacks, and high capacity couplers. The following notable features of manufactured housing for couplers and jacks have increased their popularity:

  • Featuring a structural steel body, the rugged construction of housing helps ensure functional safety of a high capacity coupler.
  • The housing features a safety latch with cross plate pull ring feature.
  • Structural steel body of the housing improve the shelf life of coupler, and aids it resist corrosion, rain, windblown dust, and harsh chemicals.
  • Structural steel body of this full-metal jacket housing for a coupler helps minimize EMI interference.
  • The housing for jack is made of high strength steel tubes, and is equipped with sturdy jack handle that enables swift cranking.
  • In-built thrust shoulders of the housing in heavy and standard duty jacks carry vertical compression loads, which is transmitted through top plate into web of beam and flanges.

With the commitment to provide a complete solution of linear motion products, we ensure to offer diversity when it comes to manufactured housing. Whatever is your special requirement to augment the operational efficiency and durability of coupler and jack units, we have got the right team and manufacturing excellence to bring you the right product with technical capability we possess in the making of manufactured housing for heavy and standard duty jacks, and high capacity couplers.

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