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Linear Actuators for Supporting Factory Automation Processes

Factory automation has become an essential part of many industries. Automated systems allow organizations to enhance the speed and quality of various processes such as conveyance, assembly, elevation, and parts dispensing, to name only a few. Linear actuators have proven to be a solution driven product that can support large scale automation processes. We at Venture Mfg. Co. provide linear actuators for the factory automation industry.

Linear Actuator for the Factory Automation Industry

To ensure that our products can provide efficient solutions for the purposes of factory automation, we offer DC actuators to our customers. These are well-known for their quiet operations, robust construction, efficient speeds, and precise movements. DC actuators can be employed in nearly any application where you need to move or lift objects in a smooth yet precise manner. Our offerings for the factory automation industry include:

Applications of Linear Actuators in Factory Automation

Venture’s linear actuators are designed to help maintain a level of manufacturing excellence. Our actuators are widely used in various factory automation applications.

The actuators are designed to support conveyor systems that are used to move filler materials. The actuators help operate the conveyor, which is attached to a loading station. This application can be particularly found in F&B, packaging, and assembly.

In HVAC systems, linear actuators are used to periodically adjust the air conditioning baffles. This allows the system to maintain proper air flow throughout a manufacturing facility.

In the F&B industry, linear actuators can be used to support conveyor ovens. These ovens provide adequate amount of heat to the food products that are passing along with the conveyor belt. Linear actuators can be used to adjust the height of the heating elements in accordance to the type of food being conveyed.

Linear actuators can also support lifting application in OEM manufacturing. Linear actuators control the automated grip that is used to remove single frames from a stack of prefabricated products.

Venture Mfg. Co. provides linear actuators for the factory automation industry to meet a variety of needs. They provide solutions in terms of powerful movement and excellent control.


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