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Designing Linear Actuator Systems for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a fast growing industry, with the continual inception of clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers. There is a demand from patients and the Government that these establishments should provide safe and hygienic environments, and positive healthcare solutions for patients to fast and positive healing.

Medical technologies play a huge role in meeting these requirements. Today, nearly all medical equipment used in clinics and hospitals is driven by motors or electronics. To ensure that healthcare standards and patient demands are always met, the technologies need to be state-of-the-art. Venture Mfg. Co. understands these requirements of the medical industry. We focus on designing actuators for the medical industry.

Linear Motion Solutions for Medical Industry Applications

At Venture Mfg., we design and manufacture custom electric and linear actuators for medical applications. Our products are designed to fulfill the primary criteria of medical establishments – adherence to hygiene standards, high performance and durability, and easy maintenance. Our linear motion solutions support healthcare professionals, and enhance the patients’ recovery process.

We design the actuators to provide precise motion control solutions, so as to reduce, or even eliminate any challenges of using medical equipment. We achieve this in two ways. First, conduct research to understand the latest trends and requirements of medical establishments around the world. This allows us to design custom solutions that will meet customer requirements. Second, we collaborate closely with our customers, ensuring that we understand their requirements perfectly, and suggest a standard or custom actuator system.

We can offer a variety of solutions for your medical actuators. These can include compact designs, immense power, custom shapes and sizes, industrial grade manufacturing materials, and comprehensive testing and quality procedures. Whether we design actuators for customers in America or abroad, we ensure that the products and their processes adhere to global medical standards and regulations.

Given below is a list of examples of the various types of applications for which we design our electric and linear actuators. Please click on any application for more details. 

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