How Actuators are Playing Vital Role in Agriculture?

Today modern day farming has become quite a precision work. They are relying on various advanced technologies to improve their services. Hence, the demand for actuator driven devices in agricultural sector has increased. These actuators are designed to withstand rough weather conditions, environmental bumps and exposure to all sorts of fertilizers. This post discusses about how actuators are adding value in various types of farming equipment.

actuators for agriculture industry

Actuators Used in Agriculture

Actuators offer great flexibility in various modern day farming equipment. Below are some applications of actuators, which are driving modern day farming.

  • Actuators in Agricultural Field: Most of the agricultural equipment seek the use of actuators for diverse purposes. In sprayers, these actuators control the height and angle of the nozzle, which allows the sprayers to work efficiently. Linear actuators aid in providing hatch openings to various planters. The emergence of actuators simplified the working mechanism of steering wheel, handles, and various types of gears used in the agricultural machinery.
  • Actuators for Spreaders:The actuator solutions in spreaders are very handy when it comes to distribution of fertilizer, sprays and sands in the field. For precise and accurate spreading of fertilizers, electrical actuators come in very handy. With the help of high-end precision machines, these actuators are very effective in spreading the fertilizers, pesticides in the right direction.
  • Actuators for Combine Harvesters: Combine harvesters are designed for working in rough weather conditions. Harvesting often puts a lot of mechanical stress on the machines. The actuators help in providing a smooth and accurate functioning. The actuators comes with specialized features like:
    • Grain tank extension
    • Concave adjustment
    • Electric opening and closing of grain tank cover
  • Actuators for Tractors: Electric actuators helps in controlling all kinds of strains and constraint within the agricultural tractors. Owing to the easy integration and control system, they offer maintenance free operation in stringent working conditions. The actuators provide following features:
    • Providing precise steering wheel adjustment
    • Rearview mirror adjustment for correct working position
    • Window & Rooftop opening and closing facility for ventilation and comfort
    • Console adjustment for correct working position
  • Actuators for Seed Drills: Acute precision, accurate position are some of the terms which are associated with seed drill in a modern day farming. The right amount of seed has to be spread in a precise manner in order to yield a cost effective crop. Some of the features offered by actuators in context to seed drill are:
    • Marking for furrow lanes in order to ensure optimal seeding procedure
    • Adjustment of seeding amount to ensure right seeding dose with no wastage

All the above mentioned benefits are the reasons why actuators are influencing the modern day farming. If you are looking for a reliable brand of linear actuators for your agricultural needs, you can consider Venture Mfg. Co. The company supplies industry-grade actuators for the agriculture industry.