How Electric Linear Actuators Improve Automation Results?

Linear actuators provide accurate motion control in diverse applications, such as test equipment, assembly machinery, medical equipment, etc. Electric linear actuators are one of the common linear actuators, which are known to provide highest precision-control positioning. They have an accuracy range of about +/- 0.000315, which makes them applicable in diverse industrial applications. Today, there are various types of linear actuator manufacturers in the US, who provide actuation solutions for industrial automation. Venture Mfg Co. is one of the leading manufacturer of linear actuators, which has played a key role in industrial automation. This post sheds light upon how actuators are gearing up to provide automation solutions to diverse industries.

How Electric Linear Actuators Help Automating Process in Various Industries?

Intelligent actuator solutions are leading automation in various industries. Below are some industries, which have been benefitted from using linear actuators.

  • Food and Beverage: Automation in food Modern food industry demands a high level of automation. . Process automation is done in order to streamline the food production, better the quality control, and ensure an orderly working of machines. All this is done with the help of custom linear actuators. Some examples are mentioned below:
    1. In the food production units and industrial kitchens, various types of raw materials are pretreated before processing. This requires the use of electric linear actuators. For instance, 24 volt linear actuators are used to automate the process of washing, peeling, and cutting the vegetables and fruits.
    2. Frozen vegetables are passed through a vegetable conveyor line systems for cleaning them in order to avoid any potential contamination. The vegetable conveyor line is operated by the rod line linear actuator, which provides effective wash-down environment.
    3. Venture Mfg.’s range of linear actuators are greatly utilized in various beverage processing applications like cup fillers, bottling units, etc.
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals: Automation in Medical DevicesToday, healthcare facilities are focusing on advanced technologies to improve lives of patients and hospital staff. They are using various types of equipment that offer comfort to patients, and helps improve ergonomics of staff. These equipment are driven by linear actuators. The following are highlights of actuators in medical and pharmaceutical industry:
    1. Actuators in electronic incubators help maintain a stable thermal temperature, which is critical for premature babies. This automation process is taken care by the presence of control loop system, which is a combination of sensors and linear actuators.
    2. Medical stretchers, operation bed, electric wheelchairs, and electric chairs are equipped with electric linear actuators, which greatly enhance the working of these equipment. The linear actuators also allow you to adjust the height as per the patient’s comfort.
    3. Being one of the reputed linear actuator manufacturers, various pharmaceutical firms utilize our rack actuators with standard stepper motors. The actuators in these machines enable medicines and drugs to move up and down the rack ensuring smooth motion.
  • Agriculture : Automation in agriculture Modern day agricultural practices are heavily reliant on advanced technologies, in order to expedite their agricultural prospects. The prospects include providing complete automation solutions for agricultural equipment and deploying quality control methods for farming. Venture Mfg. Co.’s range of electric linear actuators help increase the productivity and efficiency of agricultural products by providing the desired automation solutions in many ways. They are discussed below:
    1. Electric linear actuators are used in seed sprayers, which help spraying the right amount of seeds. They help in automating sprayers by controlling the height and angle of the nozzle.
    2. Many heavy duty electric trucks are equipped with advanced electric linear actuators, which control their steering wheel adjustment in heavy duty electric trucks. This ensures smooth functioning of these vehicles making them resistant to extreme environmental constraints.

The above-mentioned are a few examples suggesting the utilization of linear actuators in industrial automation. Venture Mfg. Co. provides a comprehensive range of linear actuators, which find use in diverse complex industrial applications. All these actuators are designed to offer excellent maneuverability, and lasting performance.