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Industrial Applications of Linear Actuators in Food and Beverages Sector

The industrial scale production in modern day food industry calls for a great level of automation. Production of food products, processing and treatment of raw materials, packaging of beverages and many more of such procedures require systematic and orderly working of various machines in unison. And for such efficient working of machines, linear actuators play a pivotal role.

Venture Mfg Co is a leading manufacturer of linear actuators that help in complete automation of various industrial processes in the food sector. We at Venture understand the problems and challenges in the food production processes and hence we have developed the actuators which provide apt solutions for these problems.

Linear Actuators are Designed by Keeping in Mind the Needs of Food Industry. They are Helpful in Various Ways:

  • Actuators are responsible for carrying out automated processes while maintaining the hygiene and curbing chances of microbial contamination of food.
  • Rod-style linear actuators are effective in handling a washdown environment and hence they are most frequently used in dairy and beverage processing applications.
  • Electric rod-style linear actuators are in highly used in food production machineries which require flexibility and multiple positions/ profiles control along with elimination capacity for compressed air.
  • Rugged and lightweight VMD series actuators by Venture Mfg Co is utilized for efficiently managing automation processes in food service industry.
  • Most common use of electric actuators for food industry is seen in appliances like de-boners, blenders, food processors, skewer units, cup fillers, meat separators and slicers, patty-makers, and bread toasters.
  • Apart from these day-to-day use appliances, food industries require high-end equipment such as conveyor belts, blast chillers, temperature regulated cookers and ovens, and pouch machines. These large equipment utilize linear actuators for better functioning.

Linear actuators by Venture Mfg. Co. are cost-effective solutions for your automation needs of food industry processes. You can order the most suited actuator as per your need and budget

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