Electric Linear Actuators Help Manufacturing Industries to be Better and Faster

Automation plays a crucial role in manufacturing today. It helps create and maintain a high level of manufacturing quality, efficiency, and adds to the organization’s overall profitability. Electric linear actuators are becoming the new heroes for many manufacturing applications. They provide benefits of speed and accurate movements. They also allow for the elimination of ancillary equipment.

Solutions Provided by Linear Actuators

Given below are a few examples showcasing how electric linear actuators provide solutions for manufacturing:
Electric Linear Actuators Applications

  • Bottling: A bottling factory has case packers for bottles and cases in various sizes. However, the cycle and changeover times were too slow. There was a need for manual adjustment, which meant excess downtime. By installing a linear actuator, the cycle times can be improved, and changeovers can be performed quickly and accurately. The actuators need to be programmed just once before the operation.
  • Food and Beverage: Electric linear actuators can be beneficial for food and beverage applications. Made from stainless steel, these custom actuators are designed to withstand harsh chemicals and detergents. Another advantage is that electric actuators do not require any kind of oil for operation. This eliminates any leakage worries.
  • Conveyance: Linear actuators can support conveyance applications as well. The actuators can be combined single axis robots, which are used for conveyance and pick and drop applications. The actuator allows the robots have smooth and quick movements. This allows them to pick and drop pieces and components from the conveyor line in a fast yet safe manner.

Linear actuators provide clean and powerful motion solutions that can benefit numerous automated manufacturing processes. Electric linear motion actuators can increase the speed and precision of an operation. Thus, linear actuators can certainly help industries to perform faster and better.