5 Popular Medical Actuator Applications

In hospitals and other medical facilities, various types of systems and machinery are used for diagnosis and improving patients’ lives. Today, most of these systems and machinery are automated and equipped with actuators, which help enhance patient care facilities, improve work inefficiencies of a medical department, and reduces stress on medical professionals. This post highlights five popular medical actuator applications in use today.

5 Important Actuator Powered Medical Industry Applications

Medical actuators are known for their accuracy and control. The following are five important medical industry applications, which are driven by medical actuators.

  • Hospital Beds: Hospital beds are specifically designed for the recovery of patients. These beds are equipped with medical actuators, which help in raising and lowering the height of bed. They also help repositioning a section of bed at different angles for comfortable sleeping or sitting positions. Electrical, electrical linear, and linear actuators are the most popular types of medical actuators used for this application. These actuators ensure quieter operation, and low-maintenance.


  • Scanners: CT, MRI, and PT scanning instruments are used in hospitals, clinics, and palliative care units for examination and diagnosis purposes. These scanners are powered with linear actuators, which allow easy movement in any direction.
  • Laser Positioning Equipment: Today, laser surgery is becoming popular due to various health benefits that it offers. Also, various types of laser treatments are gaining popularity. The laser equipment needs to be positioned appropriately for desired results. The laser beam is directed onto the injured or to-be-examined areas as part of treatment. The beam may cause harm to the human body, if factors like position, accuracy, and stability are not properly controlled. Linear actuators help control the accuracy and positioning of the beam in the laser positioning equipment.


  • Hospital Lifts: Patient lifts are used to move patients from one place to another within a hospital. These lifts help reduce stress on healthcare professionals. Flexibility is the most important factor in these lifts. Actuators used in these lifts help move patients in different heights. Electrical linear, and linear actuators are used in hospital lifts to control their movements. These actuators not only provide flexibility to lifts, but also help pace up a patient’s movements with less manual intervention.


  • Dental Chairs: Dental chairs are the most important features of a dental clinic. These chairs are known for their ergonomics and precision. They are equipped with actuators that allow easy adjustment of the footrest, headrest, and chair height.


The medical industry considers reliability, precision, and ergonomics as requisites for any medical device or equipment. They understand that actuators are devices, which will help medical equipment meet these requirements. With such abundant varieties of medical actuator technology devices, it can be difficult to choose the right product. You can always seek the help of an expert, or an actuator manufacturer to understand the benefits of actuators in your medical systems. To know more about linear actuators serving medical industry, please click here.