How Medical Actuators Support Electric Hospital Beds

Medical actuators are used in a different types of application in the healthcare industries. The most common example of an actuator application is the electric hospital bed. While manually cranked beds are still in use, electric hospital beds have been lauded for their safety, comfort, and ease of use. In this post, we are discussing the design of these beds, and how medical actuators support their function.

What is the Function of an Electric Hospital Bed?

An electric hospital bed is a mobile bed designed with the following components:

  • Footboard
  • Headboard
  • Electric motor
  • Remote control
  • Medical actuators
  • Patient controllers
  • Connecting cables
  • Primary switch cord
  • Collapsible bed rails
  • Castor wheels for mobility
  • Pendant cord (for hand control)
  • Staff controllers (generally with a locking function)
  • Secondary support platform below the primary platform
  • Primary mattress support platform, divided into two or four sections


Understanding the role of the Medical Actuator in Hospital Beds

Generally, for this particular application, electric actuators are chosen to help support the raising and lifting mechanisms. The actuators are installed within the frame of the bed. Multiple electric actuators are used to ensure smooth movement of all sections of the platform. Given below are the steps that take place when the electric hospital bed is in use.

  • The user presses a certain button on the remote control to move a section of the bed.
  • The electric current is sent to the electric motor, which starts up.
  • The electric motor provides the requisite power to the actuator.
  • The actuator connected to the particular section of the mattress platform begins to move vertically, causing either the section to be raised or lowered.
  • When the desired height and angle is reached, the user lets go of the button on the remote control.
  • The electric motor stops, which also causes the actuator to stop moving.


Medical actuators with the help of electric motors have revolutionized the design and function of hospital beds. By allowing a patient to adjust the angle and height of the bed’s sections. Actuators used in medical industry also increase a patient’s comfort level, thus improving his chances of recovery.