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Electric Linear Actuators

Electric Linear Actuators for Increased Operational Efficiency

Venture Mfg. Co. presents a series of smartly designed electric linear actuators that facilitate motion in a straight line in various machine tools and industrial equipment. The biggest strength of our linear actuators is that they can be efficiently programmed for the desired operational outcome. With Venture’s high-end electric actuators, you can get:

High Levels of Precision

Superior Quality

Smooth Functioning Capability


12v  Linear Actuator
12v Linear Actuator
  • Highly Durable Linear Actuators
  • Variety of Stroke Lengths
24v Linear Actuators
24v Linear Actuator
  • High Efficiency DC Industrial Motor
  • Over Current Circuit Protection
36V Linear Actuators
36v Linear Actuator
  • Complex Motion Control Applications
  • Lightweight & Space Saving Design
90V Linear Actuators
90v Linear Actuator
  • Built-in limit switches
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
120V Linear Actuator
120v Linear Actuator
  • Potentiometer Option Available
  • Built in Limit Switches

What is an Electric Linear Actuator?

This device is basically a programmable actuator that is essential for supporting straight motion in equipment. Apart from facilitation of linear motion, this device is also known for providing immensely accurate control over the speed, acceleration, torque, and position of the system.

An Electric Linear Actuator Consists of Following Parts:




Motor Mounting Platform


PLC or Motion Controller


What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Linear Actuators?

Some people might wonder, what are the benefits of using such an intricately designed device? Well, if you wish to get precision and immense control on the operation of your system, then electric linear actuator heavy duty is the answer for you. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from this device:

  • This device is highly capable of operating efficiently in high pressure applications that are common to strenuous industrial processes.
  • Being programmable, an actuator is highly precise when it comes to motion control as well as control of torque, acceleration, and speed of an equipment.
  • This type of actuator is safer to use in industries that require highly hygienic work conditions (food and beverages industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants, etc) .
  • The life-cycle cost of an linear electric actuator is comparatively lesser than that of pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

Why Choose Venture Mfg. Co. for you Linear Actuator Requirements?

Venture Mfg. Co. is a leading name in the industry when it comes to electric linear actuator long strokes, thanks to our years of experience and expertise in this field. We manufacture the best quality electric linear actuators for various industries ranging from agriculture and military to renewable energy and satellite receiving. Our commitment towards precision, detailing, and customer satisfaction make us the first choice for excellent actuators.

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