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Actuators Used in Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are the great option for those who have mobility/body balance problems and also for those suffering from stiff and sore joints, back pain, and arthritis, among others. Although lift chairs look similar with respect to standard reclining chairs, there are some additional features make the former a popular option. With their unique design, the user can gently move from the sitting to standing or reclining position. All these movements can be achieved with a push of a button!
How do these lift chairs give you the freedom to move around safely? It is the electric linear actuators located in the base of the chair helps make realistic motions such as upright or reclined positions. Actuators used in the lift chairs are designed to operate efficiently with high performance, durability and ease of maintenance. At Venture Mfg. Co., we offer compact and immensely powerful automated motion control electric linear actuators to improve the quality of life of elderly or injured people.

Beneficial Features of Venture Mfg. Co.’s Actuators Used in Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are available in several sizes, shapes, and specifications to meet the mobility needs of people. Understanding these wide ranges of requirements, we at Venture Mfg, offers the lift chair manufacturers with plenty of actuators options, each designed to perform specific function. There are several benefits of using electric linear actuators manufactured by Venture Mfg in lift chairs.

  • Assure Easy Movement: Our range of electric linear actuators is designed to increase the seat-to-back angle, thus offering the lift chair users with a smooth reclining motion. With the integration of linear actuators, users can be more functional and maintain a range of motions. Moreover, with recline feature, lift chairs help increase sitting tolerance, which in turn leads to maintain an active way of life. Actuator integrated lift chairs help users to shift the seating back and forth with ease.
  • Change in Positions: Electric linear actuators aid in changing positions throughout the day, adding the convenience, whilst augmenting the user’s physiological and psychological health. Available in several specifications to accommodate the height and load requirements, these actuators allow an impressive lifting performance. Overall, with the use of linear actuators, the users can achieve easy mobility, whilst providing convenience, comfort and assistance in standing.
  • Custom designs as per the load: Our customized linear actuators available to meet your specific requirements. Special stroke lengths, pin lengths, end fittings or mounting configurations, and motor lead wire lengths, connectors, and special paints, can be easily incorporated as per the application requirements.

They also feature:

  • A durable construction produced using time-tested materials to assure maximum capability and value
  • Accurate vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Heavy load bearing capacity
  • Controlled motion with less risk of injury
  • Compact and light weight design

Nowadays, lift chair manufacturers are keen to use actuators that offer optimum performance, and endurance. This is because their customers are keen to avail automated lift chairs, which will improve their quality of life by supporting mobility. Rather than bed-bound, it is always better to have an active life even if you are stuck with any kind of mobility issue. By offering precision manufactured actuators, we enable several lift chair manufacturers to provide mobility support that offers optimum comfort and well-being to their clients!

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