VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator
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VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator


VID8-B Ball screw Actuators for Industrial Heavy Load Applications

As part of the VID8 actuator line, Venture Mfg. Co. offers VID8-B ball screw actuators. This is the second actuator type that is offered along with the Acme actuators.

Specialized Features and Benefits

VID8-B Ball screw Actuator Features

The VID8-B ball screw actuators are similar to the maxi ball screw actuators in terms of features and power. They are designed to provide high energy and speed while performing heavy duty linear movements in positioning applications. Like the Acme actuators, the VID8-B actuators consists of a ball screw design and a DC gearbox.

Steel construction as well as black e-coated outer tube and plated inner tube provides rugged construction. The design of the actuator allows for easy installation. Also, the gearbox can be taking apart of repair using simple tools. We offer these actuators in two types –

  • Standard
  • Limit switches and potentiometers (POT)

Specifications of VID8-B Actuator

Standard VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator
VID 8 Ball Screw Strock(+-5mm) 84mm 135mm 186mm 288mm 457mm 610mm
Retracted Length(A+-3mm) 346mm 397mm 448mm 550mm 777mm 930mm
Extended Length(B+-3mm) 430mm 532mm 634mm 838mm 1236mm 1542mm

Standard VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator

VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator With Limit Switch or Potentiometer (POT)
VID 8 Ball Screw with limit Switch Strock(+-5mm) 84mm 135mm 186mm 288mm 457mm 610mm
Retracted Length(A+-3mm) 306mm 357mm 408mm 510mm 737mm 890mm
Extended Length(B+-3mm) 390mm 492mm 594mm 798mm 1196mm 1502mm

VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator With Limit Switch

Industrial Applications

VID8-B Ballscrew Actuator can be used in the following industrial applications:

technical data

Venture Mfg. Co.’s VI8 Ball screw Actuators provides heavy load handling solutions for industrial applications that require with precision and efficiency. 


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