In Ground 1100 Operator
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In-Ground 1100 Operator

Enhance Gate Performance with In-Ground Gate Operators

The In-Ground 1100 Operator is a sophisticated solution designed to provide inimitable automation services without comprising the original gate design. As the name suggests, the operator is installed in-ground, and is virtually invisible to the eye.

Features of 500 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator for Residential & Industrial Gates

As the authorized distributor of Byan Systems Inc. gate operators, Venture Mfg. Co. provides the In-Ground 1100 Operator with various beneficial features.

  • The installation of the In-Ground 1100 Operator ensures that there is no stress on the hinges or the gate lead
  • The operator works automatically, so physical stops are not required. This reduces expenditure in terms of parts and maintenance.
  • The operator can be easily removed by disconnecting the line cord at the base of the operator.
  • Byan Systems Inc. provides the operator in a dual voltage format of 115 V and 220 V.
  • Flow pressures can be adjusted to improve performance of heavy gates, or in areas with strong wind loads.

                                                 In Ground 1100 Operator

Other common Features Include:

  • ETL compliance
  • 5 year warranty
  • Self-contained unit
  • Built-in slow downs
  • Can be customized in various colors
  • Flow control for easy speed adjustment

Choose Byan Systems Inc. in-ground gate operators provided by Venture Mfg. Co. to enhance gate performance and increase security of your home or industrial establishment

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