Know About Byan Systems Swing Gate Operators and Their Benefits

Automated gate access is gaining traction across various commercial and industrial segments, and even in the domestic sphere. A good gate is a must in terms of security and offering access to the right people, and a well-constructed gate post is key to it. When we speak of automated gates, we have two options-electromechanical and hydraulic. The latter makes use of hydraulic fluids and high pressure tubing powerful enough to open and close even a large gate. Hydraulic gate opener system offers many advantages over the electromechanical one. Nowadays, it is quite easy and cost effective to install such a gate in your home or office. There are various brands of hydraulic gate operators in the market. Byan swing gate operators are perhaps the most popular of them all. Developed by Byan Systems Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality hydraulic gate operators, these gate operators have gained immense popularity. This post discusses the details of Byan swing gate openers, the hydraulics used, and their benefits.

A Brief Overview of Byan Hydraulic Gate Operators

A rolling or sliding gate, which is automated and can be opened or closed with the help of a remote or a switch is anytime convenient and easy to use. This is especially when you are in your vehicle and there is no one to open the gate for you. At other times also, it secures the home or office premises by restricting entry to unauthorized persons. Hydraulic swing gate operators are used to operate these hydraulic gate opener systems. Byan’s hydraulic gate operator is basically a tube-like long structure and its length varies from about 10 to 50 feet. Hydraulic fluids are used in these operators to control the swing speed of the gate. They have a hydraulic pump and a power supply in a dual voltage format.

Byan hydraulic swing gate operators are available in the following models:

Common Beneficial Features of Byan Hydraulic Gate Opener Systems

As said before, there are several types of hydraulic gate openers available in the market, still why there is a huge demand for Byan gate operators. The following factors will help you understand it better.

  • Byan hydraulic gate opener systems are ETL listed and comply with UL standard 325 specifications.
  • Unlike the regular hydraulic gate openers, Byan hydraulic gate opener systems feature specially formulated hydraulic fluid that can easily withstand high temperatures. These operators are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • As all other hydraulic gate opener systems, these gate opener systems require fewer components for the movement, and this reduces the chance of excess wear and tear.
  • These operators come in self-contained units and hence do not give entry to dirt, dust, or contaminants inside them.
  • They can be designed with non-locking capabilities; this means when not in use, they are still unlocked. So, if a vehicle arrives in front of the gate, there is no risk of accidents or damage. The system has much impact resistance.
  • Most Byan hydraulic operators come with a warranty of four or five years.
  • Most Byan gate operators are easy to remove if required; you simply need to remove the line cord.
  • These gates are just as aesthetic and colorful as normal gates, and cost effective as well.
  • They are durable and easy to maintain in terms of cleaning; however, a periodic maintenance by a professional would increase its operational life.
  • You can adjust the flow pressure in case of heavy gates, for an enhanced performance. The adjustable flow pressure also works for gates, which may be exposed to heavy wind loads.
  • Some gate operators are designed to enable a continuous open and close duty cycle.
  • The speed of operation is mostly between 10 and 15 seconds per about 90–100 degrees of angle.
  • Certain hydraulic gate operators do not require positive stops. Some of them automatically slow down during the last five degrees of motion. This saves users from labor and parts to be stored.
  • These gate openers are equipped with check valve assemblies, which helps prevent the gate from drifting.
  • They can be used for gates of height up to 24 feet.

Are you looking to change your gate to a hydraulic one? If yes, you know the right choice to choose from. It is also important that you source Byan system swing gate operators from a trusted supplier. Venture Manufacturing is an authorized distributor of Byan Systems’ hydraulic gate operators, and already has years of experience in making various types of linear actuators. The company offers all models of Byan gate operators and assists customers to make the right selection and provides them the required technical support.