Learn How to Choose the Right Power Supply for Your 12V DC Linear Actuator

Electric linear actuators have been an integral part of several industrial and commercial equipment and devices. These motion-driving components are powered by electricity. 12V linear actuators are one of the popular types of electric linear actuators used in different applications These actuators are powered by a 12V DC electric supply, thus the name. One of the things that makes them so popular is that they can be powered by a standard 12 volt automotive or deep cycle battery. But that is not always desirable or practical. Having said that, choosing the right power supply for your 12V DC linear actuator may not be done so easily. It needs to be done with great consideration. This post offers four tips on choosing the right power supply for your 12V linear actuator.

12V DC Linear Actuator

Four Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Power Supply for your 12V DC LinearActuator

12V DC linear actuators work at their best when they get a reliable power supply. Hence, it is very essential to choose an appropriate power supply that will suit your 12V DC linear actuator. Following are some tips that will help you in choosing the right power supply for your 12V DC linear actuator.

  1. Voltage Input: There are different types of power supply inputs available for a 12V DC electric actuator. The most common of which are120V AC and 240V AC The choice of the right power supply will depend on your input voltage available and the actuator current requirements. To understand the current requirement, you need to address the maximum and minimum current drawn by the actuator in your particular application.
  2. Voltage Output: Most 12V DC actuators will operate best between 11volts and 14 volts. The voltage output of the power supply for your 12V DC linear actuator must be chosen according to the type of application the linear actuator is used in. It is essential to match the right voltage output between the power supply and the actuator. If this is ignored then this will effect the performance of the actuator and may damage the application. If the application is of a more precise nature, you will probably want to choose a regulated power supply. These types of power supplies will maintain a constant 12 volt output regardless of amperage draw. With an unregulated power supply the voltage will drop as the current increases.
  3. Current Rating: The power supply must be chosen with current rating higher than the maximum current requirement of the units connected to it. This will help avoid performance failures in the future. As most DC motors have a +/- 10% performance tolerance it is best to choose a power supply with a current rating at least 10% higher than the your actuators amperage rating.
  4. IP Rating: IP ratings stands for ingress protection which is effectively used in blocking the foreign bodies like wind, water , dust and so on. If the application is installed in an area that is exposed to dust or other such elements then it is essential to select a sufficient IP rating.

If you are looking for a 12V actuator for your application, it is important to source them from a trusted source. Venture Manufacturing offers 12V DC actuators for use in different industrial applications. These actuators can be customized to meet your specific application requirements.

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