800-900 Long Continuous Duty Operator
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Model 800/900 Long Continuous Duty Operator

Model 800/900 Long Continuous Duty Operator for Advanced Gate Applications

These hydraulic gate operator types are more advanced than the primary 800/900 models provided by Venture Mfg. Co. as an authorized Byan Systems distributor, Venture Mfg. Co. offers 800/900 long continuous duty operator models with benefits of security, safety, and reliability for large-sized gates that are used on a continuous basis.

Features of 800/900 Long Duty Operator

The long continuous 800/900 models are designed specifically for large gates with sizes up to 24 feet. This model is capable of providing consistent performance, even in harsh environments. It consists of hydraulic locks, which keep the gate in place. Standard check valve assemblies ensure that the gate does not suffer from drifting.

Like the other Byan Operator products, the long continuous 800 and 900 models are self-contained units, and can prevent contamination from dust and debris. The amount of pressure provided to work the mechanism can be adjusted for gates with huge weights, or to withstand strong winds.

While most of the features of the continuous and long continuous 800/900 models are the same, one specification that distinguishes the long continuous model is its length. The continuous model has a length of 42 inches, while the long continuous model is 53.5 inches. It also has a built-in mechanism to slow down the last 3/4″ of piston travel.

                                                 800-900 Long Continuous Duty Operator

Product Specifications

Given below are the other specifications of this product:

  • Piston Travel: 4.33 inches
  • Maximum Height and width: 4.33 inches
  • Maximum Speed: Approximately 18 seconds at 90 degrees
  • Weight of Gate Leaf: 3000 lbs
  • Open and Close Duty Cycle : Continuous

Byan Systems’ 800/900 Long Continuous Duty Operator models can support the function of extremely large gates for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.