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Electric Actuators: Simplifying Operations in Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles or RVs are the perfect means of a getaway. The last thing a family on a vacation wants to do is crank the RV when setting up a camper site. An electric actuator can take care of this with absolutely no human effort involved. A feature likes this makes using an RV a delightful and hassle-free experience.

Various Applications of Electric Actuators in Recreational Vehicles

The above-mentioned example is just one of the things an actuator can do in a recreational vehicle. The following are some brilliant examples of electric actuators in use:

  • They can hitch and unhitch trailers with ease
  • They make the height of your mobile customization. It can be used to adjust the height easily if installed on leveling jacks.
  • They can be used to make the RVs handicap-friendly. Actuators can be installed on the doors, for movement in wheelchair lifts, etc. This negates the need to use your hands to operate these utilities, and frees up a wheelchair user to efficiently maneuver his/ her wheelchair.
  • The awning that unfurls on the side of the RV can easily be operated with the help of an venture electric actuator. This awning can be of help when installing your barbeque pit, or to provide some shade when relaxing. The height of the awning can also be easily adjusted with the help of these actuators.
  • When installed on television frames, actuators are able to provide all-round motion to adjust the viewing angles of the TV.
  • Actuators can be used to smoothen and simplify the movement and operation of sliding doors, floor doors or hatches, storage doors, etc.
  • One of the major concerns of travelers is the interrupted, oft-unpredictable signal received from the satellite dish. This is more commonly due to bad tuning than poor reception. This can be corrected with the help of actuators installed on satellite dishes that can be used to manipulate the position of the dish and tune it with minimal effort.
  • It can also be used to raise and lower pop-up campers and provide access to the back panels of the RV.

Electric actuators are being used to provide people with an invaluable, hassle-free experience. These actuators can be fit on several more applications to provide a cost-efficient solution to manual labor. Simplifying holiday solutions is what electric actuators are doing for RVs.

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