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Recreational Vehicle Industry

Motion Products for Recreation Vehicle Industry

Traveling is a favorite pastime for most people around the world. What if a person could travel freely without compromising on the comforts of home? They can, using a recreational vehicle. These vehicles may feature modern kitchens, bedrooms, and any luxury that one can afford in their home. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling solo or with your family; recreational vehicles are the best way to enjoy your travel. Nowadays, these vehicles are automated to ensure smooth and safe road experiences for users. Electric actuators are an integral part of these smooth and safe travel experiences. They are used in multiple interior and exterior parts of a vehicle to automate different functions. At Venture Manufacturing, we provide electric linear actuators for the recreational vehicle industry. These actuators stand out with their large force capabilities, various stroke lengths, high IP ratings, and warranty. Contact us today, if you want to know how our vehicle actuators can transform your travel experiences!

Industry Challenges and Requirements

These are some of the challenges businesses in this industry face in terms of electric actuators in recreational vehicles

  • Energy Consumption: Linear actuators may be powered by different means such as electricity, pneumatics, or hydraulics. If powered by pneumatics or hydraulics, these actuators feature hydraulic pumps or power-hungry compressors. Due to this, the power consumption can be significantly higher, sometimes demanding additional power sources such as generators or large batteries. So, the linear actuators used in the recreational vehicles must possess excellent power efficiency.
  • Space Limitations: Recreational vehicles have space constraints. Thus, incorporating multiple actuators in the design can be quite challenging. The actuators driven by hydraulics or pneumatics may take much space, sometimes driving design engineers to find compact-sized essential components specific to RVs. This is because large actuators may reduce the storage areas in these vehicles.
  • Weight Considerations: Like any other vehicle, weight is a big concern for many RV owners because it can impact fuel efficiency, towing capacity, and overall vehicle stability. Most hydraulic linear actuators are known to add significant weight to RV. Hence, it is always recommended that users install actuators that do not exceed weight limits or affect the vehicle's energy efficiency, towing capacity, or performance.
  • Reliability: Recreational vehicles are used in various environmental conditions where they may be exposed to conditions such as moisture, rain, high or low temperatures, dust, and vibrations. Although the vehicle can easily withstand these conditions, the actuators cannot. This would impact their performance as well as reliability in the long run. Hence, choosing an actuator that assures reliability and requires less repair and maintenance is important.
  • Compatibility and Integration: RVs are distinguished by their typical designs. Although linear actuators for the recreational vehicle industry differ in capacities and performance, not all may contribute to the overall design and functionality of your vehicle. Hence, choosing actuators that seamlessly integrate with your RV applications such as wiring, control panels, and automation systems is important. Compatibility issues can lead to difficulties during installation, operation, and maintenance.

Our Solutions

At Venture, we offer solutions in terms of hassle free actuators that overcome major industry challenges and meet specific requirements.

  • Electric linear actuators utilize electric power only when needed, which makes them energy efficient. This helps conserve energy in RVs.
  • Our actuators are compact-sized, which makes it easy to integrate them into the vehicle.
  • Offered with IP67M/IP69K ratings, our electric linear actuators assure consistent performance on the road even if exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Electric linear actuators do not typically require additional power resources, which may make them lighter weight. Hence, they do not add any extra weight to the vehicle.
  • These actuators can be programmable, which helps users ensure precision in motion and torque control.
  • Electric linear actuators do not vibrate vigorously and operate quietly, which assures comfort to RV occupants.
  • Our electric actuators support system integration for better motion control in recreational vehicles.

Actuator Driven Recreational Vehicle Applications We Serve

At Venture Manufacturing, we regularly design hassle free actuators for the following recreational vehicle applications.

  • Slide-out Rooms: Space can be a big concern in many recreational vehicles. This is why nowadays RVs are designed with slide-out rooms. Our electric actuators or RV slide-out actuators help extend and retract these rooms whenever required.
  • Stabilizer Jacks: These jacks are used by RV owners to stabilize and level the vehicle when it is parked. Stabilizer jacks can be operated using electric linear actuators.
  • Awning: The awning attached to the side of RV works as a sunshade. The awning can be operated with the help of electric actuators. Its height can be easily adjusted using these actuators.
  • Door Movements: There are sliding doors, ramps, hatches, floor doors, and storage doors in RVs. The motion of these doors can be controlled using our vehicle actuators.
  • Rear Panels: Many RVs feature retractable and accessible rear panels/ramps. These ramps allow users access to the garage portion of the RV to load, unload and store their sporting gear, cars, UTV’s, golfcarts or motorbikes. We can design electric linear actuators for rear door panels to facilitate seamless closing or opening movements. This enables easy access for storing, loading, and unloading of gear.

Want to explore how our electric actuators can transform your outdoor experiences? Contact us today. Our team is ready to answer your queries and assist you with the technical information needed to start a project.

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