Know the Significance of Electric Linear Actuators in Mobile Solar Equipment

Using renewable sources of energy is slowly becoming the new normal, and this is one of the right steps taken to ensure a clean and safe world. Most parts of the world receive abundant energy from the sun; however, it is not used optimally. Fortunately, with much emphasis being laid on using solar energy for various means, the market for the same is growing and is expected to continue grow over the next several years. For instance, there are solar panels being installed all over the world for power storage and supply many of these utilize electric linear actuators for solar tracking. Another relatively new segment in the renewable energy sector is mobile solar equipment, which is now picking up, and electric linear actuators play an important role here. So, what are mobile solar equipment? They are portable machines or equipment which work on solar energy. The term mobile represents mobility, which may be in the form of vans and trailers with solar panels on their roof, portable solar generators, and more. All of this needs to be backed up by appropriate solar power systems fitted with solar tracking equipment, and more. The tracking equipment is fitted with electric linear actuators that control their motion. This post discusses the role of electric actuators in solar panel technology.

How Electric Actuators Facilitate Mobility in Solar Tracking Equipment

While there are many environmental  benefits of using solar energy for vans, trailers, and generators, it will also make huge difference in terms of long term cost effectiveness and operational life. Thanks to the advancements in solar panel technology, actuation systems in solar panels help them move so that they can change positions accordingly to direct sunlight for the longest tine in the day. Electric linear actuators help in facilitating linear motion for these solar panels. Similarly, they also offer linear motion to other solar tracking equipment such as solar trackers, solar gearboxes, screw jacks, and so on. These actuators when fitted on vans and trucks convert the electric energy of the motor into linear motions so that the solar panel moves up and down to capture maximum light as the vehicle moves on the road or is parked aside. They enable push, tilt, and pull actions as well. This energy can be stored and used later. Solar power can also be used to power devices, equipment or even off-the-grid areas  when required. Typically, trailers are not powered vehicles, and hence some other vehicle is used to pull or tow them. You can install solar panels on these trailers to harvest solar energy being produced on the go. There are various types of electric actuators used for these movements, and they are designed to withstand extreme heat and harsh environments.

If you are solar energy generator or distributor or offer services such as power generator vans, you may want to consider partnering with a reliable manufacturer of actuation systems used in solar tracking equipment. Ensure you source these actuators and other devices from a known and certified manufacturer and supplier. Venture Manufacturing is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of a variety of electric linear actuators with feedback sensors, gear motors, and other relevant accessories.