Advantages of Using Linear Actuators for Automated Packaging Applications

The packaging industry is fast-evolving and highly automated. Pneumatics and hydraulic-driven actuators have been used for automation in this industry for a long time. Nowadays, these actuators are being replaced by electric linear actuators, which bring several advantages in terms of performance and utility. Today, it is common to see linear actuators driven by electricity in various packaging operations, including picking, clearing, sorting, and so on. Having said so, it is quite common to think about what makes these linear actuators popular? What are the applications of linear actuators for automated packaging? Read this post to know more.  

Linear Actuators for Material Handling Industry Applications

Advantages of Using Electric Linear Actuators for Packaging Automation

Electric linear actuators are revolutionizing the packaging industry in the following ways:   

  • Green and Energy Saving: Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, the linear actuators driven by electricity feature no oil pumps or power-hungry compressors. They rely on electricity for performance. The absence of oil pumps or compressors means no loose connections that would otherwise lead to oil leaks or stains. These oil leaks cause harm to the environment. However, electric linear actuators help users reduce their CO2 footprint.
  • Maintenance-free: As said before, these actuators feature no pumps, hoses, and compressors, making them largely maintenance-free.
  • Low Noise: Packaging facilities are equipped with several machines that produce high noise. Earlier machine operators and workers in these facilities suffered from various health issues due to long-term exposure to noise. With the advent of electric linear actuators, this situation has changed. These actuators have no hard stops and are often rated for decibels below 65, which makes them much quieter than their hydraulic or pneumatic counterparts.
  • Suited for High-Speed Packaging Applications: These actuators combine with an electric motor with a lead screw to produce controlled linear motion. Stroke length and force of these actuators can be easily controlled, making them an ideal choice for packaging applications that require fast operating speeds, as well as deceleration and acceleration that runs smoothly.
  • Long Lasting: The electric linear actuators can be operated at high speeds and they last longer than regular pneumatic and hydraulic operators. They feature no seals and are designed for millions of cycles and more. The replacement costs and life cycles of mechanical devices and air cylinders in pneumatic and hydraulic devices is quite high. Compared to these, the electric linear actuators serve longer and possess relatively low replacement costs. This helps you save costs and improve your productivity.

Applications in Material Handling Industry That Use Electric Linear Actuators

The following are a few common packaging automation applications using linear actuators driven by an electric motor.

  • Filling Machines: Various filling machines are used in various industrial environments to fill cups, bottles, and containers. These filling machines are equipped with electric linear actuators, which are fully enclosed in housing to eliminate the risk of contamination during the filling process.
  • Material Conveyors: The material conveyors are used in airports and production facilities to move baggage and finished goods. These conveyors are equipped with linear actuators to provide automatic sorting.
  • Labeling Systems: The label guns and conveyors are integral to many packaging facilities. These devices are equipped with electric linear actuators that help better position the packages for labeling and moving ahead.
  • Pick and Place Systems: These systems are used for picking large or small components in manufacturing facilities. The systems are equipped with multi-linear axis electric linear motion control devices to pick and position components.
  • Box Packaging Systems:  These systems are used to pick cartons and boxes in the material handling industry. The systems are equipped with linear actuators that help position the boxes and packages properly during the operation.  

Nowadays, these electric linear actuators are offered in modular packages. These actuators can be easily configured and can be adapted to various packaging requirements in your organization. Moreover, being compact sized, these actuators can be easily integrated to your existing equipment. If you are looking for modular linear actuators for the material handling industry then you must consider Venture Manufacturing. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of electric linear actuators, as well as various types of modular linear actuators, including commercial actuators, RV-slide out actuators, and DC actuators in custom specifications. You can get in touch with the experts at the company to discuss your requirements for electric linear motion control devices. The experts will work with you closely to understand your needs before offering you the best solution.