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Custom Design Solar Tracking Actuators

Custom design Solar Tracking Actuators

Venture provides a full service design capability for products in our areas of expertise. Variations of products can always be accommodated to support your special needs.

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Venture has never compromised on aspects like quality, performance, cost efficiency and durability when it comes to solar tracking actuators and their advantages provided to several solar tracking exercises and processes.

Besides the applications related to solar tracking with linear actuators, these are also used for a variety of general applications, such as:

  • Solar thermal manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial equipment like conveyors, adjustable platforms, hatch-doors-lock etc
  • Turf and garden including cleaners, tractors, other utility vehicles and sky lifts
  • Office and home equipment such as automatic garage doors, gates and lifts, satellite dishes and so on
  • Health and fitness equipment include wheel chairs, lifting units, gym equipment, handicap vehicles and many more
  • Marine liners, boats, ships, oil rigs and other application areas like ventilation value control, process equipment etc.

Specialized Features and Benefits

Why Solar Tracking Actuators are gaining More and More Importance?

The increasing effects of global warming and the quest to minimize the presence of greenhouse gases in the environment has shifted the focus on making the maximum out of natural sources of energy that do not cause any additional pollution in the atmosphere. Solar energy, as a matter of fact, is one of the most readily available sources of natural energy. This can be transformed to drive numerous operations and the same can be achieved using sun panel trackers.

Solar tracking linear actuators are hence considered as superb equipment for improving and exploiting the efficiencies of these sustainable sources of natural energy as these are widely used in industrial set-ups and factories. Solar Tracking Actuators from Venture include 2 varieties namely Acme Screw Solar Actuator and ball Screw Solar Actuator.

Venture Mfg. Co. does not only provide linear actuators for solar tracking purposes, but also offers custom designed solar tracking actuators., Our custom design services make the customers meet their specific industrial requirements and desired features from a particular type of linear actuator.


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