3 Ways in Which Actuator Driven Incubators and Stretchers are Changing Lives

Today healthcare facilities are compelled to focus on quality over quantity healthcare. They are relying on various advanced technologies improve their services. Hence, the demand for actuator driven electronic devices has increased. These devices add value to all kinds of hospital and healthcare equipment. Among various actuator driven medical devices, actuator-driven incubators and stretchers the most popular. In this post, we’ll focus on how actuators are adding value to incubators and stretchers.


Benefits of Actuator-driven Incubators and Stretchers

Here is how actuators are adding value to incubators and stretchers.

  • Flexible functionality and ergonomics for incubators & stretchers: Premature born or sick babies are kept in incubators because they need extra care, treatment, as well as regular monitoring. Few years ago, electric adjustable incubators were introduced, which ensured comfortable, as well as better ergonomics to work staff. These electronic incubators are equipped with electric linear actuators that help adjust the height to the benefit of the work staff. Similarly, stretchers are also equipped with electric linear actuators that allow patients and health workers to increase or decrease the height to their comfort In the electric actuators, the height can be adjusted with respect to the individual use and consequently offer advantage for the entire operation (with reference to ergonomic parameters).
  • Maintaining stable thermal environment within the Incubator: There are various factors like high metabolism rate, low birth weight, or other critical factors, which often lead to several health complications in premature born babies. Therefore, it very important to maintain a stable temperature throughout. A neonatal incubator helps to regulate the body temperature within a safe range. The thermal environment inside the incubator is maintained due to the presence of control loop system which is a combination of sensors and linear actuators.
  • Increased comfort for patients via electric functionality: Most of the modern day stretchers are equipped with advanced linear actuators, which ensures improved ergonomics for healthcare personnel. At the same time, these stretchers improve patient’s comfort too. Manufacturers are now looking ways to equip these actuators to mobile applications.

All the above mentioned benefits will help you understand how actuator driven incubators and stretchers are changing lives of healthcare personnel, as well as users. If you are looking for a reliable brand of linear actuators for your incubator or stretcher you can consider Venture Mfg. Co. who supplies industry-grade actuators for medical industry various applications also.