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Stretchers & Incubators

Actuators used in Stretchers & Incubators

Reliable Motion Control Systems for Medical Applications

Medical actuators for stretchers are used to move certain parts of the stretchers to help in adjusting the patient’s position. Various types of actuator systems for stretchers and incubators are used to facilitate movement and reduce human effort. This is not only useful for the patient, but also for the caregivers. Actuators for incubators are used for similar reasons to reduce vibrations and undesired movement caused by human interference. Actuators allow doctors and hospital staff to access the baby in the incubator with minimal contact. This helps in reducing the chances of the baby coming in contact with bacteria and other microorganisms. Linear and electric actuators can be used in stretchers and incubators, depending on the specifics of the movement required, as well as the application in which the actuator is installed.

Why Opt for Venture Mfg. Co.’s Actuators

Our actuator systems for stretchers and incubators are popular in the market for benefits like high efficiency, low cost, and long service life, to name a few. Listed below are additional benefits that our clients enjoy:

  • Precise motion
  • Innovative design ensures high efficiency
  • Safety function valves are integrated with the cylinder
  • Light and compact design
  • Smooth and noiseless operation
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance free
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Seamless and flexible product integration
  • Ease of operation
  • Reliable movement
  • On reversal of direction, there is minimum play

Venture Mfg. Co. is extremely safety conscious. We ensure that right from design and development to manufacturing and installation, best practices are used. This allows us to ensure complete reliability to our patrons. By using superior raw materials, innovative technology, and cutting-edge machinery, we are able to produce motion control systems that perform seamlessly across various environmental conditions.

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