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Bath Lift

Actuators for Bath Lift

Increased Mobility with Bath Lift Actuators

Bath lifts are used by elderly or injured people to help them get in and out of the bath. A bath lift lowers and elevates a person into and out of a bath. The controls of this bath lift chair allow the user to manage the movement. The functioning of a bath lift is made possible by using an actuator. Several different bath lifts are available in the market. Depending on the motion required, the type and number of actuators used will vary.

Bath Lift Actuator Options

From the wide variety of actuators available, some of them will be chosen based on the bath lift design and patient condition. Some of these include:

  • The most commonly used actuator requires the person to be lifted and lowered into and from a pool or bathtub. Lifting actuators are commonly used to support this functionality.
  • The above operation can also include a gate that opens and closes allowing the patient to enter and leave the bath without climbing over any obstacles. This door will function with the help of an actuator. This actuator can be controlled via a remote by the patient or the caregiver.
  • Bath lift chairs can be designed to do more than lift and lower patients into bathtubs and pools. Actuators can be attached that turn the patient as well as angle the backrest for the patient to relax and enjoy the bath comfortably.
  • Different type of bath lifts can be engineered for patients with extensive dependability. Patient mobility and safety are the two primary factors taken into consideration when developing actuators for wheelchairs and other medical products.

Bath lifts can help improve the quality of life of elderly or injured people by allowing them to be more independent. Bath lifts are ergonomically designed to ensure complete comfort and security. Safety is greatly increased when using bath lifts. Caregivers can also benefit from using these systems. Venture Mfg. Co. provides reliable high performing actuators for bath lifts. These actuators function smoothly and are extremely durable.

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