How are Electric Linear Actuators Helpful in Industrial Applications

Electric linear actuators are among the most useful inventions till date. These equipment have made so many jobs easy and efficient. These actuators are known for their wide range of applications in a variety of industries, which include military, agriculture, food, material handling, and many more. Their compatibility with so many industries make them versatile, and popular. Till now, we have discussed the various applications of the linear actuators, but not in detail. In this post, we will discuss the use of these actuators in the industrial applications.

Linear actuators for industrial applications

What are the Uses of Linear Actuators in the Industrial Applications?

There are a number of industrial applications, which employ electric linear actuators. Here are some most common and major application areas of these actuators:

  • Window Automation: This is one of the most talked about areas of application of electric linear actuators. Actuators have a vital role to play in window automation. They allow for easier access and an improved ventilation. How? Actuators help in automating the opening and closing of windows for natural ventilation. This natural ventilation is useful for keeping the temperature of the building low at night, and even in extracting harmful smoke and heat during any fire emergency. This is only possible with the help of electric actuators.
  • Agriculture & Outdoor: Agricultural industry implements several heavy duty equipment, such as harvesters, spreaders, tractors, and many more. These equipment are required to carry out linear motion to operate. Linear actuators have the capability to withstand extreme work conditions in the agricultural open field. Combine harvesters use levers to divert the grain flow. These levers are operated with the help of linear actuators. Additionally, the nozzle angle of the spreaders can be adjusted by these actuators. Other than agriculture industry, electric actuators are also used for solar tracking applications. The angle of the solar panels can be adjusted to follow the sun’s orbit, which helps increase the efficiency of solar panel system.
  • Special Factory Machinery: Electric linear actuators are being used increasingly in manufacturing industries for automating equipment, such as material handlers, slurry tanks, and several automotive equipment. Applications, such as factory machinery used to cut carpet rolls also employ linear actuators for raising or lowering the blades.

These were some major industrial application areas, which use the electric linear actuators extensively. Employing these actuators in these applications increases the overall efficiency, and betters the performance. However, the manufacturer from whom you buy a linear actuator matters a lot. It is always a good idea to consult experts and get these extremely useful equipment from trusted and experienced manufacturers and suppliers. This will not only help you get good quality actuators, but also improve the overall performance. One such manufacturer of good quality custom electric linear actuators is Venture Mfg. Co., which has a huge experience in the field.