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Linear Actuators for Renewable Energy

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The demand for renewable energy resources has increased in the years after the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) held in Paris in 2015 and COP26 Summit held in Glasgow in November 2021. Along with it, the demand for related equipment also increases. The linear actuators give the required motion to these equipment. At Venture Manufacturing, we specialize in designing and manufacturing of linear actuators for renewable energy. Our actuators are known for their precision movements, high load-bearing capacities, stability, and seamless integration in solar tracking systems, solar panels, wind turbines, or other renewable energy devices where they are used. Contact us today, if you want to know how our renewable energy machine actuators facilitate precise movements and consistent performance of these equipment!

Industry Challenges and Requirements

  • Power Consumption: Linear actuators with traditional designs consume lots of power. However, power efficiency is a crucial requirement for renewable energy systems. This is because they would impact the system efficiency and minimize the energy output.
  • Precision and Control: Most renewable energy equipment are powered by wind, solar energy, biofuel, and water. These applications require precise actuation to optimize the system's performance. Achieving speed control and accurate positioning can be challenging, particularly in situations with varying bad weather conditions and changing loads.
  • Durability: Renewable energy equipment is usually installed outdoors where they are exposed to adverse weather conditions. Linear actuators must be rugged enough to overcome the challenges thrown by these conditions while maintaining their consistent performance.
  • Maintenance and Serviceability: Generally, renewable energy equipment are installed in areas which are far from human reach. Accessing and maintaining these equipment and linear actuators becomes difficult during natural disasters. Ensuring serviceability and easy maintenance is important to reduce their downtime and associated costs.
  • Response Time: Some renewable energy equipment, such as wind turbines or solar tracking systems, depend on energy capture for their performance. Thus, they require quick response times from actuation systems. Achieving rapid response without compromising efficiency can be a challenge for many actuation systems.
  • Integration Complexity: A renewable energy application may feature multiple control systems and actuators. Integrating linear actuators into these systems may be complex if not designed accordingly.
  • Noise and Vibration: Most renewable energy equipment draws energy from nature. This may produce noise and vibration during their regular operation. Hence, the linear actuators must be designed to minimize these disturbances because sometimes, these renewable energy applications may be installed near residential areas.
  • Temperature Extremes: Solar tracking systems are sometimes installed in environments where they are exposed to temperature extremes. Linear actuators must be able to withstand these temperature extremes without compromising their reliability and performance.

Our Solutions

  • Our electric linear actuators are energy efficient compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators that use power even when they are not in motion. Electric linear actuators require power only when they are used and do not need power in the state of rest. This helps minimize the energy consumption and meet the goals of renewable energy efficiency.
  • We regularly design electric linear actuators for solar tracking systems where precise alignment and tracking are needed to optimize energy capture.
  • Our renewable energy machines actuators are leak-free and produce no emissions during their operation. It makes them environmentally friendly and suitable for systems designed for low environmental impact.
  • Electric linear actuators have fewer moving parts and require low maintenance compared to pneumatic or hydraulic systems. These actuators can be easily integrated into automation equipment, enabling remote control and operation.
  • Electric linear actuators are quiet compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, making them an ideal choice for automating renewable energy equipment in residential communities or noise-sensitive areas.
  • We can provide these actuation systems in compact and lightweight designs, which makes them easy to integrate into space compact renewable energy systems.
  • We can customize these linear actuators for renewable energy equipment in desired load capacities, sizes, and stroke lengths to meet your application requirements.
  • Our actuation systems require no pressurized fluids for operation, which helps reduce the risk of leaks in renewable energy equipment.

Actuator Driven Renewable Energy Applications We Serve

We can design linear actuators for the following renewable energy applications.

  • Solar Tracking Systems: Solar panels track sun movement during the day. We can design actuators for solar panels, which help adjust their movement with respect to the sun and capture the maximum sunlight.
  • Concentrated Solar Power Systems: As the name suggests, these systems concentrate sunlight onto a small area to produce high temperatures and steam, which is used to drive traditional steam engines or turbines. They do it with the help of mirrors. The thermal energy in the CSP system can be used to produce electricity at night. We can provide electric linear actuators, which help control the movement of lenses or mirrors pointing toward the sun.
  • Biomass Handling: In these plants, electric linear actuators are used in handling or feeding systems to control mass movement. This helps in an efficient and continuous energy conversion process.

Do you want to elevate your renewable energy system designs to new heights of sustainability and efficiency? Look no further; we have you covered. Our industry expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of your systems. Let’s work together to shape a green future powered by innovation. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of using innovative and energy-efficient electric linear actuators for renewable energy equipment.

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