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Manufacturing and Construction Industry

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Linear Actuator for Manufacturing and Construction Industries

Manufacturing and construction industries rely on the organized and high-speed working of various machines and equipment. The strenuous conditions in which these machines are used can affect their operational value. Harsh weather, overloading, rough handling and dusty atmosphere are some of the most common factors that hinder the systematic working of construction and manufacturing equipment. To cope with such adverse factors, linear actuators play a highly important role.

High-end linear actuators by Venture Mfg Co. for the manufacturing and construction industry

Venture Mfg Co. is an industry-renowned leader in manufacturing linear actuators that are used in various industrial applications. Our specially designed motion products for the manufacturing sector can stand demands of extreme applications. We provide complete solutions for the automation of construction related machineries and equipment.

Role of a linear actuator in facilitating the automation of manufacturing and construction equipment:

There are various applications of linear actuators when it comes to mechanization of construction and manufacturing industry. Some of the most pivotal applications are:

  • Heavy-weight equipment such as loading trucks, towing trucks, and cranes work efficiently with the help of hydraulic or heavy duty linear actuators.
  • The upward and downward movement of diggers is efficiently facilitated by linear actuators.
  • Highway vehicles require specific torque and motion control, which is provided by state-of-the-art linear actuators.
  • Any component of a manufacturing/ construction unit that needs flexibility or motion control (for example: throttles, hood lifts, carry-along stairs, adjustable seats hatches, side mirrors, and steering wheels), requires actuators to operate effectively.
  • An aerial deck is an important component in many construction machinery, which uses linear actuator to move up and down.
  • Similarly, safety baskets are dependent on actuators for their upward and downward movement.

Venture Mfg Co.’s hydraulic, electric, as well as pneumatic linear actuators serve as boon for the construction and manufacturing sector. Our rugged and hard-wearing actuators increase the longevity of construction/ manufacturing machines and their components.

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