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Transportation Industry
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Transportation Industry

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Speed, fuel efficiency, and increasing performance requirements of the vehicle and its parts have driven automotive manufacturers to develop fully electric and hybrid electric powered vehicles. The actuation engineers are challenged to design components like actuators that help control the motion of these vehicles. Linear actuators are essential element of engine control and various crucial parts used by drivers while the vehicle is in motion. At Venture Manufacturing, we design and manufacture high quality linear actuators for the transportation industry. We regularly design, engineer, and deliver VMD Series, 800 Series ACME screw, and Maxi Ball Screw Actuators for the transportation industry. If you want to know our commercial actuators can be an asset to your transportation applications, please contact us today!


Industry Challenges and Requirements


  • Safety: Precise and responsive control of vehicles is an important requirement in the transportation industry. The linear actuators are designed to respond quickly to control inputs of the vehicles to help avoid accidents.
  • Durability and reliability: Most vehicles are used in challenging environments, such as temperature extremes, shock and vibrations. The actuators must be designed for consistent performance and minimal maintenance in challenging environments.
  • Integration and interoperability: A vehicle is a complex system comprising different accessories, components, and multiple subsystems that must work together to ensure a safe and smooth ride. The commercial actuators must be designed to seamlessly integrate with these components and are interoperable with protocols and interfaces.
  • Regulatory compliance: The transportation industry is governed by strict regulatory requirements, in terms of noise, safety, emissions, and performance. So, the actuators must be designed to meet these requirements.


Our Solutions


  • Our ACME screw and ball screw actuators assure the precision and responsive control needed for the effective functioning of automotive applications.
  • Our ball screw actuators and ACME screw linear actuators are RoHS and IP65 rated, which makes them ideal for challenging work environments where they may be exposed to water, dust, and heat.
  • The VMD actuators are equipped with a thermally protected motor and are designed for transportation applications.
  • VMD actuators, Maxi Ball Screw Actuators and ACME screw actuators are self-lubricated and offered with lifetime lubrication, which helps minimize friction when the vehicles are in motion. This helps reduce their maintenance and improve their reliability in transportation applications.
  • All three actuators assure positional accuracy, a key requirement in most critical transportation applications.


Actuator Driven Transportations Applications We Serve


At Venture Manufacturing, we have been designing actuators for the following transportation applications.


  • Spot Welding: Linear actuators are used in machines and equipment used for manufacturing transportation vehicles. The ACME and ball screw actuators are mounted on the RW chassis to support spot welding processes in automotive workshops.
  • Door Openers: The linear actuators are used for automating the opening and closing of vehicle doors. ACME and ball screw actuators can be designed to assure seamless automated door opening and closing.
  • Conveyors: In vehicle manufacturing factories, conveyor movements are automated. Electric actuators with screw components can be used for precise positioning of components during manufacturing.
  • Sunroof Automation: Electric linear actuators combined with ACME screws are used to automate sunroof/moon roof movements. These actuators enable the opening/closing, automatic sliding, as well as tilting of sunroofs.
  • Suspension Systems: The movements of suspension systems in trucks, cars, and other vehicles can be controlled using screw actuators. These actuators will help dampen vibrations and shocks, control the suspension height, and improve the quality of ride.
  • Control Surfaces in Aviation: Actuators are used to control the movement of surfaces such as flaps, ailerons, and elevators in aviation. The drag and lift of the aircraft can be easily managed using actuators.


At Venture Manufacturing, we understand the importance of designing accurate and maintenance-free actuators for the transportation industry. Contact us today Our team is ready to answer your queries and assist you in understanding the ACME screw actuators and ball screw actuators as well the right choice of actuator - ACME screw vs. ball screw for your next transportation development project.

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