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Transportation Industry
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Transportation Industry

Motion Products for Transportation Industry

Linear Actuators for Meeting Transportation Application Requirements

Success in the transportation industry depends immensely on safety, speed, and performance. Operational efficiency is key for transportation applications such as railway equipment, buses, and private vehicles. This can be achieved with linear motion control. Venture Mfg. Co. provides various types of solutions related to motion control with linear actuators for the transportation industry.

Linear Actuator Offerings for Transportation Applications

Venture linear actuators provide benefits of low cost and reliability to transportation applications. Our actuators are designed to support not only single and bulk vehicles, but also their manufacturing processes. We offer the following types of linear actuators for the transportation industry:

Applications of Linear Actuators in the Transportation Industry

Venture Mfg. Co.’s linear actuators can be used in a variety of transportation applications

Linear actuators can support the manufacturing of transportation vehicles. The actuators are used along with a motor mount on an RW chassis to support spot welding processes.

In commercial buses and trains, linear actuators can be used to provide automation solutions for the opening and closing of vehicle doors. They provide seamless movements, and can be designed to ensure that the doors open and close at selective times.

At commercial airports, linear actuators can be used for air bridges or jetways. The actuators create smooth and precise movements, enabling the air bridge to make contact with the airplane door. This helps passengers to embark or disembark safely.

In vehicle manufacturing factories, linear actuators are used with conveyors and other automated machineries. They are particularly important for vehicle assembly processes.

Linear actuators are important solutions for railway maintenance. They are used regularly for applications such as in-ground lifting systems, drop tables, lifting jacks, and truck lifts.

Venture Mfg. Co. supports various processes of the transportation industry with solution driven linear actuators. Our actuators can provide benefits in terms of motion control, speed, and safety. 

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